David Anthony Bau David Anthony Bau is the newest member of the family. Born at 8:08 AM on August 26, 1998 to parents Heidi and David, his full-time jobs are running around, calling everything "red", and operating his fleet of transportation vehicles. He recently learned to sleep on his own. He also especially likes it when Mommy plays Chopin for him.

His favorite things to do are 1. drinking water right after waking up, 2. wearing grownup shoes, and 3. dialing important people on the telephone. He likes to watch Sesame Street, but he doesn't really like TV very much in general, and he thinks Mom and Dad are weird for watching so much Elmo.

Watering plants outside is more interesting.

Heidi and David

Heidi Yeh and David Bau Heidi is a general surgical resident at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. She grew up in Hawaii, went to school at Harvard '92, and Penn Med '97, and has worked at NIH in Bethesda. She is soon to begin a couple years of research work, and we're all looking forward to seeing her on a more ordinary schedule.

David recently started a new job for an unnamed technology company. He previously was a programmer for Microsoft telecommuting between Philadelphia and Redmond. He grew up in Boston, and went to school at Exeter '88, Harvard '92, Cornell Computer Science '95. Frequent software releases at work keep him busy, but that doesn't prevent him from jumping at the chance to go sailing whenever he is in Seattle. He's not as busy as Heidi, he freely admits.

Right now they live in Gladwyne, near Philadelphia. If you're in town, please drop them a line and come by!

Rachel and Paul

Rachel and Paul David's parents share this web site. (They actually post articles to the Bau Family Online News from their computer using some forms we've set up here.)

Rachel works as a human resources administrator at Weston Public Schools. In the past has also been a substitute teacher, a store manager, and most of all a full-time mom. She grew up in Hong Kong. She is enjoying being a grandmother, and is considering retiring or taking some time off to take care of her recently-arrived grandson.

Paul recently retired after fifteen years of international marketing for Polaroid (which followed fifteen years at Xerox). Perhaps after thirty years of stability he will return the adventurous lifestyle of his youth - he grew up travelling the world as his father moved from city to city. He is currently enjoying his new schedule, cooking a meal or two at home, and trying to get himself in to shape.

They currently live in Weston, MA.


Kevin Bau

David's brother Kevin currently is an MBA student at Columbia. He's previously worked at the J.P. Morgan in the debt department. (That doesn't necessarily refer to his own financial status.) He also had short stints at M.M.D. and Prudential Securities. Kevin went to school at Exeter '91 and Brown '95.

Kevin used to sing a bit; if you went to Brown you've probably heard of (or heard) the Brown Derbies. We wonder if he's still singing these days.

He currently lives in Manhattan.

Some Friends on The Web

David's college roommates Howie and Steve have web pages, as does his grad school friends Vladimir, and Donald. Why doesn't Ben have a page? DavidMay has a web page with baby pictures, as does Laurent. Grace and Gary are trying to adopt and have a page about themselves. Joe has a page with great photography. Eric even has a web page with his own domain name. Why don't Eshwar and Basalat have pages? What about Dinarte? Where are David's Exeter friends on the Web? Where is Ulysses?

If any of our other friends have web pages, let me know so I can link them up!

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