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Ryan Yeh
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  June 18, 1998 - Issue 1 - Philadelphia Edition
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Gearing Up for Baby Boy Bau

The big news in Philadelphia is coming in a very little package. Heidi and David, recently reunited after two years of bicoastal marital commuting, are expecting a baby in August! Ultrasound already predicts that the new little Bau will be a boy, so the two parents-to-be find themselves rattling their brains (and rattling their friends) in search of a good name. Three-syllable names seem to be winning out. The current contenders: Anthony, Jonathan, Christopher, and Timothy. The current debate: is Anthony too Italian for a little Asian boy? The couple is said to be seeking the guidance of Uncle-to-be Kevin on this weighty matter.

Extra weight is a new problem that Heidi must deal with now. Usually light on her feet, she is slowing down a bit as the additional pounds of pregnancy add up. "Only one on-call day left as an intern!" she exclaimed wearily yesterday before going to bed. Heidi gets two weeks of vacation before she begins her second year of residency.

Meanwhile, the soon-to-be-grandparents Rachel and Paul are starting to get excited. On their Father's day road trip this weekend, they're sure to help Heidi and David pick out baby furniture. Recently retired, Grandpa is hinting that he may be able to help take care of the little one. Now this has Grandma thinking about her own retirement.

Premier Issue of Bau Family Online News Live On The Web Today

The first issue of the Bau Family Online News went live on the internet today, hosted at home1.gte.net/dbau. "It's really just a site for baby pictures," explains David Bau, president, CEO, chief pundit, and dishwasher for the online rag. "It kind of looks like cnet, though."

Although customers are satisfied with the content at its debut, they are dismayed by how difficult it is to remember the URL. "Such a long address! I have to write it down!" said Rachel Bau. Management is already considering purchasing a better domain name for $100, but the obvious choice, bau.com, is already taken by a German construction organization. Perhaps bau-family or baunews.com? Paul Bau thinks it would be wise to stake out the property.

But all in all, the Online News is off to an auspicious start. "Nice," says Kevin. "I like the colors," says Eric Vasilik.

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In other news
Road Trip
Paul and Rachel are planning a trip to New York City and Philadelphia this weekend. Current word is that Paul will be driving down on Thursday to visit a coin show, and Rachel will follow on Friday. They're expected in Philadelphia Sunday, and they will return home to Boston Tuesday morning.

Despite the coin show, speculation on the street is that the trip's real purpose is for Dad Paul to get some good treatment from his sons on Father's Day.

During the trip the family will meet up with old close friends Yen Tan and family (in New York) and Brian Yee and family (in Philadelphia). There's sure to be plenty of good food - let's see if anybody can stick to their diets!