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We have so many Baby pics that we've had to reorganize them in a weekly format. The editor has big plans for reorganizing them in monthly and yearly formats in the future. His co-editor wishes the project would simmer down.

But while we are all still at full boil, there's lots of new stuff to see and read here. Enjoy!

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  September 19, 1998 - Issue 16 - Philadelphia Edition
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The World Is My Nursery

Anthony continues to grow and grow. He's getting a little heavy for his mother to carry around all the time, and he's also learning to be more verbal. Or vocal, at least.

He is also rapidly taking over Apartment 2518 in his many little ways. Kleenex is strewn strategically around because nobody can predict where he will spit up; he seems to prefer his mother's shirt or his parents' big bed. Toys for his entertainment hang about on the sofa, futon, and the bed, in addition to his crib -- wherever his parents may decide to sit down and rest before he starts to cry of boredom. On a more personal note, Anthony likes to leave his own stains here and there. His parents have given up doing the laundry everytime he leaves a spot on a sheet, pillow, or article of clothing. At that rate, the washing machine would be in constant use.

Anthony is expanding his repertoire of sucking toys. He has always liked Daddy's shirt, and has now progressed to his blanket, Daddy's little finger, and even Daddy's nose. He refuses, however, to keep his nice, hygienic pacifier in his mouth for more than a few seconds. Extended sucking of other objects confuses him, so it takes him several tries to learn how to nurse, again.

Baby meets Uncle Kevin

Kevin took the Amtrak from NYC to Philadelphia last weekend to see his nephew David Anthony for the very first time. Baby was not on his best behavior and cried when Kevin first to carry him. Uncle Kevin was not easily fooled however and still gives Baby high marks. "The cutest and smartest baby I've ever seen", remarked the J.P.Morgan analyst, just back from Austin, Texas.

Weston Home Routine

Just back from Philadelphia, Paul and Rachel swung right back into their Weston routines. Paul cut the tall grass, emptied is rodent traps (yep, the Hunter-Killer is back),worked out at the gym (really hard to handle the weights after a brief lay-off) and spent hours getting the pool clean and working. While out of town, the pool water level dropped several inches (via evaporation) and the vacuum seal on the "closed recirculating pump" system was broken. Hence the filters and other things did not function for about a week. Big mess! Home owners beware.

Rachel, even though it was Sunday, went to her office for five hours to "jump start" her work. Otherwise she would have drowned in paperwork and been stressed out with phone calls and visitors on the next Monday.

Biggest decision of the day: where to put the three pictures of David Anthony.

China Cousins

Rachel's father, the late Michael George Tzau, had many siblings. His oldest sister was a famous astronomer and had several children (making them Rachel's 1st cousins). One of these cousins, a retired female eye doctor from Peking and her husband are in Rochester, NY, helping their daughter with their first grandchild. Well, this weekend they will fly to Boston to meet the Tzau's and Bau's of Weston.

Tours of the historic US Constitution, Harvard University and the Weston Food Critic's favorite restaurants are all being planned.

Rochester Group Reunion

Last summer, Paul and Rachel hosted "the Rochester Group Reunion" in Boston. The Rochester Group is a group of about eight Cantonese speaking families who were all about the same age, all professional, all had kids about the same age and were in Rochester in the late '60's and '70's together. They used to get together weekly and party. Well, after all these years, they still stay in close contact and look forward to their reunions. Most are now retired, but still very young and active.

Frank and Marlene Yang, West Coast leaders of the Rochester Group just put out a call for a reunion in mid-January in L.A. which would include a cruise to Mexico. Sounds like a great way to "get some rays" and see old friends in the Winter.

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In other news
$50 Haircuts
Wow! it's easy to spend $50 on a man's haircut in Central Philadelphia... way too much for an ordinary cut. In Framingham, Cambridge or Wayland, we are used to $10 cuts!

Well, off to Chinatown, and after checking several beauty salons, the common price was $14, whew!, much more affordable. And all of the salons open at 9AM and close at 7pm, 7 days a week. That's Chinatown for you.

Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant
The Weston Food Reviewer had the chance to try a new vegetarian restaurant in Philadelphia's Chinatown, the Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant located on 9th Street just north of the corner of Cherry Street. The ambiance is Chinatown-normal (12 on our Zagat's scale), the food was satisfactory, we'll give it a 15, and the service we cannot comment on as we took home 6 dishes to try out. The price of the six "take out" dishes exceeded $50.00 so it was modestly priced.

It's hard to match the quality of our favorite vegetarian restaurant, the Po Ti in Flushing on Long Island. But we do enjoy exploring very much, and on our next trip to Phili we'll try another of these healthy choices just down the street. Recommended dishes at the Harmony ... the To Fu with Ham or try your own luck!

Le Bus Bakery
The Weston Food Reviewer does not normally review bakeries, but with all the new eateries like bagel shops and shop n salad bars, some bakeries justify a quick review. Le Bus is a small chain of bakeries with a great reputation. We stopped by to pick up a loaf of their Italian bread and it was indeed very good (20 on our Zagats-like scale)

The ambiance of the small shop was terrific and all the breads and pastries were displayed in a most appetizing manner. The shop (on 18th street just north of Walnut in Philadelphia) was very crowded with customers and the sales or counter staff were efficent and very friendly (22 ambiance and 22 for service). Readers should note we paid $3.50 for the loaf of Italian.... about double what we pay for the same loaf in Weston, Ma.!

Handyman Protects Pool
Paul the Handyman spent most of the day (a beautiful sunny and mild New England September day) applying masonry and concrete sealer to the coping stones around the swimming pool and also onto the concrete patio. The stone masons told Paul that he would significantly extend the life of the patio and stonework if he protected them from water and ice by using the sealer, "Solaxane" by Umaco.

You know the patio is 12 years old, never been sealed, and in perfect shape. Does it really need the sealer protection? Well, it's not much work and not very expensive and will certainly do no damage! Let's give it a try and see what happens. The handyman is going to experiment and leave a few concrete slabs untreated and see if there's any noticeable difference five years from now. This assumes that the handyman is still alive and living in Weston of course.