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It's been more than a week since we put out the last issue, and there's plenty of stuff that's happened. So why edit it; let's publish it!

And, although we're not posting them daily, there are still daily baby pics. Keep on checking them out.

So here we go!

- The Editors

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Ryan Yeh
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  October 2, 1998 - Issue 17 - Philadelphia Edition
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Anthony's Latest Report

Ahh. Owerr. Wah!

Anthony celebrated his one month birthday by telling Mommy a little story about ahh, owerr, and wah. They ooh, awayah, and mmh. It was quite delightful, after which Anthony demanded some refreshment in compensation.

He is able to take refreshment in a bottle, now, in preparation for the days when Mommy won't be at home. Daddy is in charge of the bottle feeds, which seems just fine with little Anthony, and makes Daddy very happy. Daddy is not used to all the spitting that goes along with refreshments, yet.

Auto Tire Incident

We had to get back to Weston before 5PM so that our guests could pack and then leave for Logan Airport before 6 PM. We had a two hour return drive home and the rain was coming down in sheets so the highway visibility was very poor. A red pick-up truck pulled up along the right side of our station wagon and tooted his horn. The driver kept pointed down at the lower side of our car as though to indicate we had a problem.

We pulled to the highway shoulder and in the pouring rain, inspected the right side of our vehicle... soft front right tire! Driving more slowly, we exited at the first service station and filled the tire with air. Only ten minutes lost... we would have no trouble keeping our airline schedule. Let's go!

But what caused the soft tire? Could there be a leak caused by a picked up nail or something? My god, this could cost us another hour. On the other hand, an accident could cost us much more. The Handyman talked the garage mechanic into putting the wagon up on the car lift to do a visual inspection of the tire. Bingo! Because it was raining and the tires were wet, we could see the small bubbles coming out of the tire exactly where a small nail was imbedded in the tread(actully it turned out to be two small nails). The mechanic "plugged" the holes and in ten minutes more we were on our way. That extra step of checking the tire on the lift instead of rushing for the airplane schedule was the smartest thing I did all week.

China Cousins

A short recap of Rachel's cousin from Beijing. We call her Mon Jeh and her surname is Yip and she's one year older than Paul and a retired eye doctor and full professor. Her mother who passed away one year ago was Michael Tzau's(Rachel's father) eldest sister and perhaps the most famous of his siblings. The mother's married name was Yip(married a professor during the WW II). She studied astronomy in China and later did graduate work in England moving from observatory to observatory. She first gained national recognition when she won a prize in Japan as the first woman to track a full eclipse of the sun. Later she did research and studied in Russia. set up observatories in China, taught and continued doing research until her death at the age of 85.

Mon Jeh's husband was also on the Boston visit and we call him Jeh Fu. He recently retired as a section chief from Beijings largest oil refinery. He offered to prepare us a couple of Beijing food dishes and it turns out that he is not a cook(like Paul),but a real gourmet chef.

Weston Hunter-Killer

The Weston Hunter Killer is back in town and thinning out the mouse and mole population of the Eastern Massachusetts. Since his return from Philadephia, no chipmunks have been trapped( although there have been plenty of sightings... these chipmunks must have "gotten the word").

Unfortunate there has been a bit of "collateral damage" as we called it during the Vietnam War. A Blue Bird was killed trying to eat one of the peanuts used as bait. Also wiped out a snake! Living in the woods does offer its challenges.

Eatery Review: Chez Morgan

In the spirit of all these restaurant reviews, we now include the establishment with which Kevin is most familiar: the cafeteria at J.P. Morgan. Morgan fare tends to be a bit oily and unimaginative, although they receive high marks for their soup. Loyal patrons recommend you try the split pea soup and turkey sandwiches, and suggest that you avoid anything that they try to pass off as seafood. On a Zagat's scale, we'll give them a 10 for food, 2 for decor (suspiciously, this place felt more like a workplace than a restaurant), and an 18 for service.

Exeter Memorabilia

Paul and Rachel made a quick stop by the Exeter Bookstore while touring the coast with her cousins from Beijing. Paul bought a new PEA baseball cap with "foodball" on it for himself or Kevin and a few other X'mas stocking stuffers. However, as soon as Jeh Fu (cousin Mon Jeh's husband) saw the cap, his eyes lite up and guess who got the baseball cap?

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In other news
Oarweeds Restaurant is a seasonal restaurant located in the Maine coastal town of Ogunquit at Perkin's Cove. The setting is magnificent and were it not for the September flies, the Weston Food Critique would give it a 20 points. However, Oarweeds which is located at the beginning of the fabulous "Marginal Way" ocean walk, gets only a 10 for ambiance. Food choices are typical Maine coastal, with boiled lobster topping the recommended list. But everything else on the menu was very well prepared too. Try the stuffed potato or the grilled chicken sandwich. Food gets a 20 point rating and service a 20 also. In July or August, Oarweeds is certain to delight after a walk along the rocky coast lined with flowers and sunshine.

The Waverley Hotel and Restaurant, located on the wharfs of Newport, Rhode Island, is a welcome respite when touring the mansions of the rich and famous from the turn of the century. Ambiance gets an 18, located on the water with the view of lots of luxury yatches. Food gets an 18 too and service a 20. Lobsters, crab cakes, grilled chicken, and clam chowder.... all the things one would expect from a New England waterfront and generally well prepared. Expect to pay about $10 per person for lunch(drinks are of course extra).

The Chateau-sur-mer on Bellvue Avenue in Newport, R.I. was built in 1852 by Wm. Wetmore, who made his fortune as a China Trader. Hense, the Chateau precedes most of the other mansions in Newport by about 50 years. The Wetmores were governors of R.I. and US Senators and one of the most prominent families of their day. The house was used and stayed in the family until about 1960 when the last of the line passed away childless.

The Chateau and its 50 rooms and lovely gardens are in wonderful condition and aptly convey the atmosphere of the style of living of the ultra rich at the turn of the century. The Preservation Society of Newport keeps this mansion and the others under its care in such wonderful condition, that the trip to Newport is never a disappointment. So, in addition to the homes of the Vanderbilts and Astors, you will find gracious and spectacular summers homes of other "rich and famous" American families... that 1% of the population that had 50% of the wealth. Oooo la la!

Best Cafe Boston
Each month, shopping groceries in Chinatown seems to be a necessity. While there, ususally late in the morning on a weekend, the hungry Weston Food Reviewer, looks for something light, tasty and moderately priced. Well, if you're into real Chinese breakfast or brunch, then the Best Cafe Boston (on Tyler Street underneath the China Pearl Restaurant, Tyler is only one block long so it won't be hard to find) could be just the eatery for you. In our Zagats like grading system, the Reviewer gives it:10 on ambiance;20 on food; and 20 on service.... remember, 25 is a top score.

Recommendations: bring someone who knows how to read Chinese(some of the menu is in Chinese only) or really knows Chinese food; try the chicken congee or the beef tendons over fried noodles. The scallion pancakes are especially well prepared. but being deap fried offer a few too many calories to all you weight watchers out there. A typical bill will be about $7 to $8 per person.