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More news this week. A new home. More travels. And those rascally chipmunks.

Be sure to keep checking on the Baby Pics. Anthony looks like he's posing for them, but really, he still doesn't know what's going on. Daddy has taken pictures every day, and you can watch him as he grows up!

- The Editors

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  October 12, 1998 - Issue 18 - Philadelphia Edition
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More Stories From Anthony

Anthony had a fable of sorrow and anger to tell Uncle Kevin, visiting for the weekend.

As a prelude, Anthony spent most of Friday spitting up and crying alternately, capped off by an late night episode of projectile vomiting. The spitting up is old hat to Anthony, but the vomiting frightened him and he treated Mom to a new cry. After settling down, he ate well and fell asleep, so Dr. Z avoided a middle of the night panic call.

Saturday was a whole new day and Anthony began to incorporate some new sounds into his story. "Click, click, smack," he said emphatically. "Waha!" On some occasions, "aaah" and "owoh." He told Kevin that "tsak" was most definitely true as well.

Furthermore, on Sunday, "ungah, ungah, ungahjee!" Uncle Kevin was quite impressed and promised to keep it in mind as he rushed off to the train station. His little nephew smiled silently in the back seat before settling down to a nap.

Heidi and David Buy A Home

After about a month of shopping, Heidi and David bought a house! The house is a little split-level in Gladwyne that's close to the Gladwyne town center.

"There are a lot of walking trails nearby," said Bart Isdaner, the current owner. "You can get free videos at the library," said Chuck Gupta, who lived in the house five years ago.

Closing is not until December 1, so Heidi and David had to pay a deposit to hold the house until then. They had the house inspected for defects, radon, lead in the water, and termites. No big problems were found, so the deal is on.

"We have no furniture for the house," said Heidi. "I guess it will be a little bit empty for a while," said David. However, the family will need to shop for essential appliances: the house will need a refrigerator as well as a washer and dryer.

Update: Chez Morgan

Perhaps in response to our review in the previous issue, J.P. Morgan recently completely revamped their eating establishment. Most sorely missed will be the free food, but perhaps along with that, we'll be able to say goodbye to the inedible food. Let's hear it for the power of the pen! Er, keyboard. Look for a review soon!

On The Road to Detroit

Rachel and Paul are "On the Road to Detroit" this weekend to visit Rachel's brother. Jerry and his family and to pick up Rachel's "new" '98 Tarus Stationwagon (with a built in baby seat). Greatgrandmother Martha wants a change of pace and will accompany them on this trip that will have it's first stop in Pittsford,NY, where they will stay at the "Inn on Renssalaer", their favorate hotel in the Rochester area. Rochester is about 350 miles from Boston and almost exactly midway to Detroit making it an excellent resting post.

The next morning, they will dine with their cousins from Beijing (Mon Je and her husband Je Fu, who visited the Bau's in Boston a week ago) who are living with their children and Daniel, their newest grandchild, in Brockport, N.Y. It's then onto Detroit via Canada to Jerry's home for a brief visit with his wife, Rosalyn and their two young children. Jerry and his family live in a big new house in the suburb Livonia, not too far from Jerry's work as design engineer at the Ford Motor Company.

On the return trip, the itinerary calls for another overnight stay at "The Inn on Renssalaer" where Chef Bryan is planning to prepare them a special meal. 20 years ago, he was famous in all Upstate New York for his Sweet and Sour Pork dish. He's going to make this again, and the Bau's are really looking forward to a renewed treat. All this stuffed into one weekend and a new car to top it off. "Oh how happy you have made me".... love that Ford!

Town Water

The Bau's of Weston and most other home owners along route 30, are temporarily being switched to town water from their wells, as a new aquaduct for Boston is being built close to their houses. The Handyman is putting out bids to general contractors and will shortly make a selection of the firm that will bring the water from the street into the basement and make the hookups.

It is planned that the Bau's will use town water, which is to be provided for free, during the construction period of the aquaduct(estimated at six years) and then go back on its old trusty well water systems. Lots of work and lots of money, but no choice.

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In other news
Chipmunks Call for Truce
The Chief of the Chipmunks came to the back door of the home of the Hunter-Killer and called for a truce. Since returning from Philadelphia, the Hunter-Killer has trapped three more chipmunks and they want no more of this. It was agreed that the chipmunks would not venture north of South Avenue and that the Hunter-Killer will not expand his traps beyond the reservation. After the treaty signing ceremony, a small celebration meal was held.... yup, you can guess the menu... peanuts and fresh corn!

Pool Closed
Even though the pool is heated and could stay open another month, the swimming pool in the Weston house was closed for the season the first week of October. Too busy to swim? Too many out of town trip?

No. The real reason for closing in early October is Mother Nature. When the leaves start to come off the trees, the pool acts a one big leaf catcher. A real big mess!

Oceana Restaurant
The Oceana Restaurant. located on the 2nd floor of the Marriott Long Wharf Hotel on Atlantic Ave. in downtwon Boston has a spectacular view of Boston Harbor and a wonderful setting with high, high ceilings and sweeping open spaced decor. The ambiance gets a 22 rating.

Seafood is the specialty on the menu and more than half of the entrees are either fish, lobster or shrimp... all very fresh and most simply and well prepared. Very fittng for a New England Hotel... but it is excellent hotel food earning it a high 19 rating. Service is O.K. That evening we had a large group of about 25 and could certainly have used 2 waiters, but were assigned only one, who did a fine job. Servce rates a 15. The Weston Food Critque recommends the seafood dishes as each is very fresh and well prepared and well presented. The filet mignon was a treat as well and the prices were moderate. Count on paying $30.00 per person for dinner, plus extra for alcohol or wine. The setting and ambiance make this a worthwhile destination for your next dinner out in Boston.

The People's Cafe
The People's Cafe(sometimes called the People's Cafeteria) is in Boston's Chinatown between the Dynasty and the Moon Palace restaurants. Cheap prices and very good food make this an exciting eatery destination. It's located on a typically dirty street and the decor and ambiance get it a 10 rating.

The cooks here know what they're doing and food the money, you really get large portions and excellent quality. At dinner, on the Chinese language only menu, all dishes are $5.95!!! Now it really is difficult to beat those prices in Boston and the food gets an 18++. Service is solid and even better if you speak the language(and we don't mean Spanish). Service earns a 15. So it's easy to calculate your dinner cost, $5.95 per dish plus gratuity and tax. Even if you can't read Chinese and have to go off the English menu, food is still a bargain and a good buy. The Weston Food Critique recommends for you to try their Ugh Tsoi(tub vegetable), the boiled chicken, and the sweet and sour pork. Great meals for cheap!