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  October 21, 1998 - Issue 19 - Philadelphia Edition
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Paul's Beautiful Baby

Little Anthony has a nice treat for his eighth week; his grandpa Paul is visiting! They've been spending lots of time together, including walks around the city. Because they're venturing out as a duo with no accompanying parent, Grandpa is being mistaken for the father. He is as proud as any parent could be!

There's bad news for Anthony's birthday, too. He has a favorite toy to look at in the apartment which is about to be destroyed by management. The Rittenhouse Claridge is putting in a new heating/cooling system over several weeks time, resulting in lot of exposed pipes, wires, and a large, black hole in the wall. Anthony seems to find the hole with its protruding pipes more fascinating than any toy or book that his parents have been able to find. Today, the whole contraption is scheduled to be dry walled. Poor Anthony's career as a plumber is being nipped in the bud (no pun intended).

In the meantime, Anthony continues to be highly mercurial, vacillating from happy and burbling, to furious and howling. He's always pretty cute, though.

Rachel's New Wagon

Rachel & Paul picked up Rachel's "new" station wagon yesterday in Detroit. It's a Ford Company car with 5,000 miles on it , but with a new car warrantee and a good price because Rachel's younger brother works for Ford.

Rachel has driven station wagons ever since the boys were youngsters and likes the ability to haul lots of stuff around and likes the seating capacity provided by the third row of seats. This Taurus SE Wagon is loaded with extras including: a build in baby seat, a third row of seats, child safety locks on the back doors, electric setting rear view mirrors on both doors, Dolby sound on the tape player, the larger engine that puts out 200 horse power. It's also got power seats,auto door locks, keyless door entre, power windows, automatic, air, and just about everything. Paul's favorate feature is the larger engine. On the road, it gives one that extra "Umph" and yet the mileage on the highway is still a solid 27 miles per gallon. The color? Why prairie tan of course!

Airline Savings

By planning and booking weeks in advance, you can often reduce your round trip airfares by as much as 2/3's. A spur of the moment round trip fare between Boston-Philadelphia is more than $250. On a book 14 days in advance and with few restrictions, the same ticket costs only $94.

Round trip tickets Bos-Wash DC are over $500. With advance planning this fare can be reduced to $125. This is almost the same cost as the E-Saver fares we keep waiting for on the internet, but you can really plan your itinerary and not be so iffy, trying to save that last $10. Business people ought to do more advanced trip planning to really save lots on their travel expenses.

Win Free Prizes!

To enter this contest, no purchase required. Simply submit your answers to the following question to Paul Bau at The Bau Family Online News with your address to get your prize. First people to answer correctly will win one of Paul's last remaining but highly prized "Polaroid Swiss Army Knives". Now don't delay, remember, only the first two contestants with the correct answers will receive a prize. O.K. here goes.

Q-1 On Rachel's new '98 Taurus SE Wagon, where does one find the air filter that filters the air that circulates inside the passenger compartment? Note, this filter must be changed at least yearly.

Q-2 On the '98 Taurus SE Wagon, where will one find the water tank that holds the rear window windshield washer fluid?

Q-3 What is the recommended mileage interval between oil changes on the '98 Taurus Wagon:(a) 3,000 mi.,(b) 5,000 mi., or (c) 7,000 mi.?

Contest ends November 15, 1998.

Good Luck. The Weston Food Critique

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In other news
Fall Foliage Peaks
The New England Foliage around the Boston area peaks this week. We enjoyed a ride throught the colorful Bershires on our way back from Rochester with Rachel's new Taurus wagon.

This also means lots of leaves to be raked up from the dozens of oak trees on the Weston property. Last year the Handyman paid $300 to have some highschoolers clean the lawn. With more time and less money, what will he do this year?

Hunter-Killer Ambushes
The Chipmunks of Weston have failed to live up to the terms of their treaty and have send renegade chipmucks to gather nuts and acorns for the winter onto the South Avenue reservation. The Hunter-Killer has set traps and ambushed several intruders in the last two days. The chief of the chipmucks is calling for another peace conference. What do you think?

Ming's Restuarant
Ming's is located on Harrison Street ( in the extended Boston Chinatown, three blocks south of the Mass Pike) and is less than a year old. It's a fun inexpensive restaurant where one can: self service, cafeteria style, take out, or full service. There's also free parking for restaurant patrons in the back of the restaurant... really quite unique for Boston's Chinatown.

Our "Zagat's like" grading system earns Mings: 10 points for ambiance; 15 for food; and 15 for service. The Beef Brisquet over Noodles and the Beef & Tomatoes over Rice were very good.... $4.95 each at lunch time. The scallion pancakes were delicious, but deep fried, not neccessarily good for those of you watching your weight. A good deal meal with less of the ususal Chinatown hassle... the Weston Food Critique says,"try MING's".