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Ryan Yeh
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  June 20, 1998 - Issue 2 - Philadelphia Edition
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Internship Ends

The first year of a medical residency, called internship, is the most demanding and disliked year of a doctor's career. A surgical intern at HUP is expected to work fourteen-hour days, seven days a week, plus a full night of work every third night. But the demanding schedule does not mean that there is a lot of interesting work. Instead, at the bottom of the hospital hierarchy, the intern is responsible for all the tiresome, necessary busywork of keeping patients healthy when they're in bed: she deals with paperwork, admissions and discharges, routine tests, noncritical procedures, social workers, hypochondriac relatives, and delusional patients who self-inflict injuries. The surgical intern rarely picks up a knife. She is the first to get paged, 24 hours a day, when the most trivial matter needs attention; yet her own position in the hospital carries little authority, and she must defer all her own opinions and queue all her own orders behind others. And so the intern survives without the comfort of the regular ebb and flow of a daily routine: instead, life becomes defined by irregular sleep, relentless interruptions, and endless waiting.

No wonder, then, it's cause for a little celebration when internship is over. Heidi is finishing her internship today, and she plans to take a night out. Perhaps see a movie for the first time in 12 months; perhaps have a dinner out. But mostly, it is time to get some uninterrupted sleep; wake up at an ordinary hour; have a square meal or two; and enjoy regular life for little while.

For in a few days, the second year of residency begins.

Moving To A New Domain

In response to perceived customer demand, we're moving to a new, simpler domain name, bau.to! That's right. Since .com, .org, and .net were taken, we had to look elsewhere. We landed at the Kingdom of Tonga, which has been granted the catchy-sounding .to domain, conveniently administered by the Tonic company.

Reaction was mixed. "But it's just for our friends!" worried Heidi, concerned about her privacy. "I don't want the whole world seeing our pictures!" Some were not delighted about the unusual top-level domain choice. "You want to get .com," suggested Eric Vasilik. Bau.com is occupied by a German construction organization. In contrast, Eric was able to claim Vasilik.com for himself. "I'm lucky I have a really unusual name."

The new domain name is not online yet, but once it is, we will be redirecting the old URL to this one.

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In other news
Baby Name Choice
It looks like the baby's name is going to be David Anthony Bau. Heidi and David are planning to call him Anthony or Tony when he's little; he's sure to decide what he wants to be called by himself when he grows older.

Kevin is sure that Anthony is not too Italian. He says, "it's no more Italian than Kevin is Irish."

Is Kevin really Irish? We didn't know that.

Road Trip Underway
Paul is in New York, and Rachel in en route by bus. David suggested the possibility of a discount airfaire ticket, but at $89, it was deemed too steep compared to a bus ticket.

David and Heidi's assignment for the weekend before they arrive in Philadelphia is to comparison-shop consumer guides for a list of brands for baby furniture and stuff.