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It's been a busy couple weeks at BFON headquarters - Uncle Kevin and Grandpa Paul have been visiting. And retired handyman Paul is the only one who has been faithfully writing articles.

Nevertheless, you can see many of the goings on in the latest Baby Pics. We've now got more than eighty days of pictures...

- The Editors

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  November 21, 1998 - Issue 22 - Philadelphia Edition
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Handyman Resupplies Phili

Paul awoke at 6:30 Sunday morning to do his daily 2 mile walk with his younger brother, Ron. Knowing that he had three hundred miles to drive alone, he rushed back home to load the Toyota Tercel with new food supplies, cooked with love by Grandma Rachel. Almost all of the food was in the freezer having been cooked days before this trip. Ice had been saved from Friday night's party to make certain that nothing would defrost over the six or seven hour trip.

The Coleman's Ice Chest could just barely handle all the food prepared by Rachel. It came down to putting some of the food back in the Weston freezer or jettisoning the ice cubes. Bye-bye ice cubes. The ice chest was filled with frozen foods and off to the turnpike drove the Handyman. Six and a half hours later(after 2 stops for food and gas),the Handyman pulled into Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. First stop, the apartment freezer, at the Rittenhouse Claridge. All the food was still hard as a rock.

All this frozen food allows Paul to help out with the cooking, but not spend too much time on this chore. That means more time for Mr. Cutie Pie! Big Smile!

Juicy Gossip

Latest gossip from Rochester is that two familiies, the Yee's and the Yu's have their daughters engaged to be wed. That's right, Tracy Yee is engaged to her college sweethear but the date is not yet know. Yvonne Yu is also engaged , again with no known date just yet. Two very nice young ladies about to find happiness in blissful wedlock!

Shanghai Village

The Shanghia Village is located at 434 Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington,Mass. We went there for a Saturday afternoon banquet of vegetarian dishes. All the dishes were clean and pleasantly presented, but much more in the "home style" than the fancy banquet style of artistic arrangements. The food was of good quality but the taste was nothing compared to our top vegetarian restaurnat , the Po Ti in Flushing, New York. To be fare, the Shanghai is not a restaurant that specializes in vegetarian dishes. This Bhudist banquet was a birthday meal prepared by the owner for a friend. Ambiance gets a 15, food a 15 and service a 15 too. The Weston Food Critic does not recommend that you take the car ride to Arlington for this vegetarian food. Sorry!

Caffe Buon Gusto

The Caffe Buon Gusto is located on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights.... the other place to eat when one wants a great meal at an affordable price in New York. The Weston Food Critic was brought to this eatery by the up and coming J P Morgan Analsyt, along with the Critic's spouse. Kevin named this as his favorite restaurant in Brooklyn Heights!!!!

The Caffe is Italian with home made fresh pastas and great sauces. The also have some wonderful home made Italian deserts. This evening, the Food Critic had the home made fettucini with Bolognese sauce... the pasta was fresh and cooked al dente... perfecto! The desert shared was recotta cheese cake... very light, not sweet at all and ohooo so taste.

We give the Caffe scores of: 18 for ambiance, 20 for service and 20 for food. It definately is a value meal with most entrees running between $9 and $16. Without alcohol, one can have a wonderful meal for about $20 per person which includes tax and tip. A very enjoyable meal at a great price.

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In other news
Joe's Shanghai Restaurant
Joe's Shanghai Restaurant ,NYC Chinatown Branch, is located at # 9 Pell Street, between Mott and Bowery. Tel: (212) 233-8888. Now if you like Shanghainese Shiu Lung Bao, which the Weston Food Critic happens to like very much, you will find the very best Shiu Lung Bao on the East coast at Joe's Shanghai!

Additionally, the other dishes, mostly Shanhainese too are also of high quality in taste, a good in presentation(family style) The prices are modest, like most Chinatown restaurants. One can expect to pay about $10 per person at lunch. With our Zagat's like grading system, we give Joe's S : ambiance 15; food 20 and service 18. We also give our readers a strong recommendation to go there for the best Shui Lung Bao we had since Shanghai. Yummy!

Zagat's 20 Years Old
The Zagat Survey turned 20 this week and their birthday was celebrated on the front page of USA Today and the Food Section of the N.Y.Times. So what's the proper pronunciation of their name? zuh-GAT? ZAY-gat? or Zag-it? It's choice #1.

For you regular readers of Bau Family Online News, you know the Weston Food Critic uses a Zagat like grading system to review restaurants. Today, the real Zagat Survey has become the Bible of the frequent traveler, surpassing the AAA guides and the Mobil Travel Guides. Their home offices are in Manhattan, but they now cover all major cities in the USA.