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Happy Holidays! The staff at BFON has been furiously busy with their new little baby, with the holidays, and with the new house. But Grandpa "Hunter Killer" Paul has been faithfully compiling more stories.

See you here again soon!

- The Editors

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  December 25, 1998 - Issue 23 - Philadelphia Edition
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Little David Anthony Checks Up

Anthony went to visit his pediatrcian, Dr.Zsolway, just before the X'mas holidays for one of his regularly scheduled "check ups". "My what a handsome baby" said the very smart and observant pediatrician as she examined him in the Woods building of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Little Anthony is doing great in his height, measuring 24 and 3/4 inches, putting him in the 50th percentile for his age. He did gain weight, but not quite enough to keep him out of the 25 percentile bracket... althought 13 pounds, 13 ounces seems like a lot for someone not quite 4 months old!

Everything else checked out normal and the doctor left the examining room and in came the nurse... a bad sign for sure. The nurse was very pleasant, but had a bunch of syringes in her kit. Yes it was time for Anothony to get another set of his immunization shots. 3 or 4 injections in the legs and a squirt of another vaccine in the mouth. Whaaa! Whaaaa! But a quick pick up by Mommy and 30 seconds later, all was forgotten. Let's go home!

Lombardi's Restaurant

Lombardi's Rest. in Phili is located just one block north of David and Heidi's apartment on 18th Street and Walnut. The sign in the window says:"voted #1 pizzi by Zagat's" so of course the Weston Food Critic (a big fan of Zagat's) had to try their pizza.

Well pizza fans, you will not be disappointed if you go there. It turns out that they have been voted #1 for pizza in 1996,1997 and 1998!!! Wow! We had one large pizza with meat balls(one extra topping) "to go" and it cost $17.50. It was indeed very tasty, the pie crust was soft and chewy, Neapolitan style.

This is the second branch of Lombardi's. The original is still in operation and is located in the SoHo district of NYC on Spring Street. We give this restaurant a rating of 18 for ambiance, 20 for service and 23 for food. Go and enjoy yourselves.

Getting Ready For The Big Move

Heidi and David are preparing for the big family move to the suburbs. Settlement for the purchase of the Gladwyne home is on December 1, then the telephones turn on December 2, and the move is happening on December 3.

"It's going to be a busy week," said David. In preparation, they have been spending Thanksgiving week packing up all their belongings in big boxes. "I don't think these boxes are going to be enough," said Heidi. They have twenty boxes, and will probably need to get more. And there is a lot of special packing needed for electronics.

They've also spent the week tying up all the lose ends for the home purchase. They locked in their mortgage rate (6.75); raised the last bit of cash for the down payment by selling some stock (David sold his shares of ONSL); notarized a power of attorney form for Heidi (she can't be present at closing); faxed insurance and mortgage paperwork to all the parties; and arranged for wire transfer of funds to a bank (Heidi says, "I feel like I'm one of those people with a Swiss bank account").

Tiffany at the Met

Each Thanksgiving we spend time at the Met, Shop 5th Avenue and share a Turkey dinner with Deanna and her family. The Met always has a special exhibit going on, and this year the one we enjoyed the most was that of decorative artist, Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of the founder of the famous jewelry shops.

Almost everyone has heard of his famous Tiffany Lamps, but did you know he also made decortive furniture, painted, made stain glass windows and created wonderful glass works of art? If you go to NYC by X'mas, try and catch this special show.

Shui Long Bao

Yes, over Thanksgiving, the Weston Food Critic make another visit to Joe's Shanghai on Pell Street in NYC's Chinatown. The Shui Long Bao is the best on the East Coast.... go and treat yourselves and eat some. Hummmy!


There are four Sarabeth's in Manhattan, all owned by the same person whose main fame comes from her baked goods. Located on Amsterdam Avenue and 81st, Sarabeth is a charming bisto with a bakery counter up front and plenty of seating on the sides and in the rear.

Our first visit to Sarabeth's was for Thanksgiving dinner... our 1st Thanksgiving meal not served at home in about 30 years! Thanksgiving used to be a day when all restaurants would close in the USA. Today, with both partners working and a lot of stress on the job, more and more Americans are taking their Thanksgiving meal to a reastaurant.

Our meal was highlighted by a wonderfully rich and sumptuous squash soup, followed by one of the freshest and tastiest house salads ( with a bit of goat cheese) we've ever had. The main course of turkey, mashed potato, brussel sprouts, and stuffing was a bit of a disappointment. Now recognize that the Weston Food Critic and friends usually like the turkey undercooked and juicy and you'll understand better. In most restaurants, like Sarabeths, the turkey tends to be overcooked and dry, which greatly deminishes the flavor. Of course the deserts( mostly Sarabeth's baked goods) were wonderful and a great way to top of a very good meal. The pecan pie was rich, loaded with fresh pecans, and not at all sweet... just right.

We rate Sarabeths; 18 for ambiance; 20 for service and 17 for food. The price of the meal we had at a fixed price was $45. With wine tax and tip, our dinner ended up costing approximately $70 per person.

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In other news
Weston House Winterized
Homeowners get the pleasure of home ownership and the work that apartment dwellers know little about. David and Heidi will shortly have to do the same chores that their parents just completed in the Weston house. Storm doors or windows installed, outside water spickets drained, leaves removed from flower beds and lawn, heating system switched on from the summer air conditioner, and the swimming pool closed.

The Handyman just finished raking and blowing the leaves for the sixth and final time this year. Wheeeyu! The new house in Gladwyne( new to David and Heidi) looks like it has plenty of leaves waiting for them. Ah oh!

Adrienne's at the Penninsula Hotel in NYC at the corner of 5th Avenue and 55th Street is located in one of Manhattan's top luxury hotels. When surfing the web, we could see dinner costing over $80 per person and one would expect an excellent meal at these costs, even in NYC. We also discovered that Adrienne's, like many fine Manhattan restaurants have a pre-theater dinner special with a fixed price of $40... this is what we wanted to try.

Our meal was started by a small complemenetary apetizer of mixed seafood. Then as an apetizer of our two choices, we tried the smoked duck and salad. There was a generous serving of smoked duck which was very tender, moist, and perfectly smoked. Our main course was venison, served with water crest and mashed potatos. For desert, we enjoyed a fancy and beautifully presented apple turnover full of nuts and raisins. Everything was indeed derserving of the 5 star rating other food critics have given Adrienne's.

The Weston Food Critic rates Adrienne's: Ambience 24; Sevice, 20 points and food, 24. For an impressive 5 star meal at a moderate high price, the Weston Food Critic recommends that you make reservations at Adrienne's the next time you are in NYC.

The two most recommended Cheese Streak places in Phili are Pat's and Gino's. They are across the street from one another in the Italian section, one block south of 9th and Federal. Gino's Cheese Streak is a bit more moist than those of Pat's. Both wonderful, just a matter of taste on which you choose.

Kelleby's Bakery
Kelleby's Bakery is located in the Reading Terminal Market in downtown Philadelphia( corner of Filbert and 12th Street). There are dozens of fun food shops and grocery stores in the Reading Terminal Market, an old train station converted to a shopping mall. In the Northeast corner of the market are little stalls or shops owned and operated by folks from the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Kelleby's is one such shop.

It's like watching Mom make apple pie or hot sticky buns to see the bakers put in pastries from raw materials into the ovens. You buy them hot , right out of the oven and boy, oh boy, are they mighty good tasting. I bought half a dozen sticky buns for $3.50.

We give Kelleby's a 20 for Amibiance, a 20 for service and a 22 for food.