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Woohoo! Lots of new stories! Daddy's got to get this issue out now, before he goes back to work next week.

Daddy's also excited because he has a new camera (the Kodak DC240) that can take higher resolution pictures. It won't make a difference for the web photos, but now we can get prints of some of the digital photos that are pretty high quality.

We're trying out a few to start. You can see the pictures or even order your own reprints by going to the web site Log in using the account name "", password "pics".

- The Editors

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  April 7, 1999 - Issue 31 - Philadelphia Edition
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Anthony's Little Neighbors

Spring has arrived, and Anthony has been exploring the neighborhood! Every morning when Anthony and Daddy go outside to pick up the morning newspaper, they are greeted by little dog Murphy, who lives across the street. "Arroooo! Rff, rff, rff!" Murphy may be a little dog, but he's very noisy and active. "Like me," says Anthony. Daddy was interested to find out this week that Murphy's owner Walt Heppenstall runs a publishing business that specializes in mutual fund reports. But Anthony was more interested in Murphy!

This afternoon, Anthony met little Jane Margaret. Her father Bob Eddy was taking her for a walk to the playground, and Anthony, Daddy, and Margie joined them. Jane Margaret is one month older than Anthony, and she likes to pull off her little shoes, just like Anthony does! "Way to go!" says Anthony, "kchaa!"

Town Water in Weston House

It took two days of digging with a back-hoe and by hand, but the crew from K&K Excavation of Milton, connected the plumbing from the water mains along the street to the house. Now, all that remains is the indoor connection(s) and the installation of the water meter and the back flow prevention valves.

The plan is for the Baus to use town water for about 5 or 6 years (free) and then go back to the well water systems that are being turned off for the period of the acquaduct construction by the MWRA, the Mass Water Resources Authoity.

Lots of digging, and the lawn and flower beds got torn up , but it looks like a good job of plumbing. It may take a couple of weeks to get to the inside plumbing, but since the well systems are all still working, we are in no hurry.

Related stories: Town Water Hook-Up, and Town Water.

Auntie Chen visits Boston

Auntie C.M.Chen of Rockville, Md. is up in Boston with her daughter, Haibin, her son-in-law, James Whang and their daughter Vickie who is looking at New England colleges. Time really flies! Vickie is ready for college. Shouldn't really surprise us, David and Kevin have graduated long ago and they are contemporaries. Haibin and her older sister were maids of honor 30 years ago when Paul and Rachel got married in Washington, D.C.

Uncle C.M.Chen was a classmate of Michael Tzau, Rachel's deceased father. They attended Nanking University together and studied aeronautical engineering. Back in 1969, Rachel's parents were in Hong Kong and Rachel stayed with the Chens in Maryland for weeks before the wedding.

Last week, the gang gathered for a big meal in Boston's Chinatown. This week, they'll come to the Baus house in Weston for one of Rachel's feasts... she always cooks way too much food.

Secrets of Weston

O.K. for you busy professionals with no time to cook but tired of frozen dinners and "take out," the Weston Chef will reveal one of his ancient Chinese secret recipes... quick, easy and healthy.


one large turnip
8 oz. char-shiu, cooked (from Chinatown)
2 stalks spring onion
1 cup chicken broth
1 cup white rice

Peel the turnip and slice in pieces that are about 1/2 inch thick and diagonally about the size of half dollars. Take the Spring Onions and cut them into 1/2 inch lenghts. Slice the Char-Shiu (bar-be-que pork) into 1/2 inch pieces.

Place the vegetables in a frying pan with a cover and low simmer for about 15 minutes in the Chicken broth. Check to make sure it's not burning or drying out. Season with a bit of salt, pepper and sugar to taste. When the turnip is cooked soft and tender, add the Char-Shiu for the last two minutes. Meanwhile, you've cooked the white rice by just boiling as usual. The above should serve two.

Time: 30 minutes.

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In other news
The Big Game is one of Massachusetts' state lotteries and this week, the prize money for the lottery ticket that matches all six numbers will be $150,000,000! It only costs $1.00 to play and when the prize money is this big, Grandpa Paul cannot resist. He put in $5 last week and another $5 this week. It's worth the $5 just to dream about what one would do with all that moneeee!

Englers and Aberbachs to Provence
The Englers and the Aberbachs of Wayland are off the Southern France for a vacation this month. They've rented a house in Provence. The Baus know all of their children from school, but the two dads have known each other since high school! At Columbia College, they were on the varsity bowling team... I think one of them was Captain. Did Columbia really have a bowling team?

Paul worked together with the two of them for many years at Polaroid. Two great guys. They and their families vacation together regularly.

The same evening that Paul plunked down his money to play the Big Game, Rachel came home with her numbers.... 65 of them! Rachel and 12 other women from the Weston Public Schools pooled their money and decided to try their luck at winning. If they hit the jackpot, each of the 13 team members will have a take home prize of $12.000,000. Oy vey! That's not chopped chicken liver!

Spam: investigative report
It's incredible. Can you believe that 50% of all SPAM eaten in the USA is eaten in Hawaii? Rumor has it that 90% of all phoy and 80% of mahi-mahi consumed is also eaten in Hawaii.

A quick call to the governor's office confirmed these statistics but assurances were given that Hawaiians are not gluttons. Why, of course, it's the tourists.