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  June 10, 1999 - Issue 34 - Philadelphia Edition
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Gymboree Classes

Grandpa Paul got to take Anthony to his Friday noon Gymboree class in Gulph Mills. Eight mothers with their babies, 6 to 12 months and 1 grandfather with his 9 month baby boy make up the class. Clapping and singing were no problem. Pony ride ( where grandpa was the pony of course), riding the slides, dancing, etc all proved to be "duck soup" for Danger Mouse (aka Anthony)

In the prior month, Danger Mouse cried when the soap bubbles were blow and passed to the babies to pop. This time after practicing at home, little Anthony was anxious sto pop those soap bubbles. In was crawling all over the mat and popping other babies' bubbles! Then he started crawling all over a taking other babies balls away. Where was mild mannered Anthony Bau? Had Danger Mouse decided to go to Gymboree instead?

But no.. wait a minute. It was time for the parachute exercises. All the babies were placed in the center of a 25' colorful parachute and will the mothers holding the outer perimeter, the started rotating to the right... Whaaa!It was Anthony... he wanted nothing to do with the parachute. Next the babies were placed under the parachute and again the mother began to lift and lower the colorful cloth on top of the babies. Whaaaa! It was Anthony again. Oh well, give him another week or two and he'll overcome the parachutes exercises too. After all, he is Danger Mouse!

Happy Mother's Day!

Heidi celebrated her first Mother's Day as a new Mommy with little Anthony and husband David. David and Heidi cooked a Hawaiian brunch (SPAM steaks and omlette and rice) before heading out the do some shopping at King of Prussia Mall. The evening before they even had a date to do a belated celebration of Heidi's birthday. They went to a nice Italian restaurant downtown while Anthony stayed home and took care of Grandpa.

Heidi got several cards of congratulations and a couple of gifts to top off her day. All this on top of having the cutest little baby on the East Coast. Hooray!

Margaret's Favorite...

Is Margaret's favorite snack McDonalds? No. Is Margaret's favorite snack Ice Cream? Maybe. Is Margaret's favorite snack Auntie Anne's Pretzels? You bet. Grandpa Paul was introduced to this treat by Nanny Margaret when they visited there with baby Anthony. Jalapeno Pepper Pretzel with cheese (everything goes better with cheese according to Margaret) was her first choice. Since that first visit, Grandpa has tried another pretzel with David and Heidi over the Mother's Day weekend. This past week, Kolab Pich from Indiana came East to spend a week with Margaret. Where's the first place Margaret takes her? "Let's go to the largest shopping mall on the East Coast, and get ourselves an Auntie Anne's Pretzel" koos Margaret. Lolab is game and off their go to the King of Prussia Mall. The both come home satisfied with a smile on their faces. Auntie Anne's is a chain and you will see them in many malls of the East.

Kevin Picks "York" Over "Haven"

In a decision that surprised few, Kevin chose to attend school next year in New York instead of New Haven. He will be a member of Columbia Business School's Class of 2001.

Why New York over New Haven? Because Kevin enjoys paying $5 per square foot per month in rent. Next dilemna: how can Kevin creatively finance this educational endeavor? Did someone say credit cards?

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In other news
Tasty Place
The little food stale in the lower level of the Philadelphia China Town Mall (on 11th Street about 1/2 block south of Race St.) is still a great bet for a tasty lunch of chinese noodles at a very low cost. Sauted Beed with thick rice noodles is just $3.50 and the portions are larger than one can usually handle at one sitting.

There no ambience and the service is friendly and in fact very friendly if you speak Cantonese ( as the Weston Food Critic does of course). To make this meal really a great buy, one should go at 11:30 AM and have a good chance of finding a parking space on the street. If one has to use a garage parking, that could add $6.00 to the meal!

Heidi Visits Gymboree
Heidi never gets Fridays off from work & hense has never been to Gymboree class with Anthony. Last Saturday, on the way to eat lunch at TGI Friday's at King of Prussia Mall, we decided to show Mommy where Anthony goes to school, Pulling into the parking lot of Gymboree, we saw that the door was open. "Let's show you the class room and equipment", suggested Grandpa Paul. Surprise, not only was the door open, but a class for 6-12 month babies was being held. "Let's watch & you can see what Anthony goes through"

Class was in session, but the instructor came up to Heidi and asked if she was interested in participating. Onto the "rock & roll" went Heidi and Anthony. Then singing and dancing. No problem. There are bubbles in the air, there are bubbles everywhere, and Anthony loves to pop bubbles. No problem. Oh. Oh. Out came the parachute. Guess what? Yup. Whaaaaa.... Oh well. G-Y-M-B-O.... G-Y-M-B-O... Gymbo is his name-o!