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Our number one writer again registered in at number one this week, despite having to overcome the obstacle of a non-functional keyboard. I smell some sort of journalism award coming on. Oh no, wait, that's him cooking for Anthony. Hmm. Strange that his cooking smells like an award.

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  July 25, 1999 - Issue 38 - Philadelphia Edition
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Yikes! Anthony Can Walk!

Anthony is walking and he's still shy of 11 months of age. All babies develop skills at different ages, but he is walking a bit early. That's O.K., he still can't talk. However, he can certainly communicate and make his wishes known!

Anthony sometimes gives himself an assist in walking by using his newest and favorate new toy. It's a "Little Tykes" Red Car that he can ride on or in this case, push around to help him keep his balance. If you sit him down on the seat of the Red Car and push him around his toy room, boy will he give you the biggest grin. Grin gets bigger if you make motor noises for him. Rummmmm. rummmm. rummm.

Deanna Visits Boston

Deanna made her annual visit to Boston around the middle of July to help to celebrate Paul's birthday as she does each year. This trip was a bit special as Deanna is undergoing some pretty agressive medical treatment for some blood disorders that really make hertire easily. So her visit was especially appreciated and enjoyed by Paul and all the family.

Tierry and Suzanna invited Paul to the Taiwan Cafe for a birthday dinner in Chinatown. Deanna enjoyed the meal, but thought the food was a bit rich.

Cousins Myrna and Michael Chen invited all the Bau's of Boston up to Goffstown for a birthday lunch over the weekend. A lot of family news and gossip was exchanged and a good time was had by all... except Deanna. The food was very rich and "fat foods" are not on her dietary regimen. She paid the price and did not feel well for the next two days! Hopefully this treatment, which lasts for a year, will yield the result of a complete cure that we are all praying for.

Grandpa Visits Danger Mouse

In late July, Grandpa Paul flew to spend a week in Philadelphia and of course the primary reason was to help out with Danger Mouse ( aka D.Anthony Bau, IV). Anthony is in good hand with Mom and Nanny Margaret while David is in Redmond, Wa., but another pair of hands can make a big difference. Besides, it's only an excuse to spend a bit more time with the cutest little baby on the Eastcoast.

Anthony always rewards Grandpa with a big smile and lots of hugs and kisses. Who couild ask for anything more? :)

Cook'n 4 Baby

As Anthony draws close to his first birthday, Grandma Rachel has been hunting for baby cookbooks far and wide. She wants Anthony to be able to transition from baby food (ie. Gerber's prepared bottled food) to adult food smoothly. Receipe's for some famous baby cookbooks, such as "Cookbook for Babies and Todlers" should be helpful. This particular cookbook is out of print and very difficult to locate in libraries. For example, in the seven town Minutemam system of the western suburbs of Boston, there is only one copy!

No problem. While in Gladwyne, Nanny Margaret and Grandpa Paul cooked resh vegetables and fruits for Anthony. We started with a yam. Yum, yum thought Anthony as he gobbled it down. Next was a stewed apple with nutmeg. Yum, yum thought Anthony as he really went after this treat. The next day, we stewed him some sweet pears. Again great results. Then boiled carrots. Who needs a cookbook. If you start of with fresh and high quality ingredients, and then cook them so a baby with no chewing teeth can eat them... wha' la'!

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In other news
Kevin in Madrid
Kevin is enjoying his living and studying tour of Spain this summer. His Spanish is improving rapidly and he's even sending birthday cards to his closest friends in Spanish rather than English.

A couple of his Brown buddies have visited him in Madrid... great for escaping the regimen of Spanish language only. Kevin takes them to El Padro, cruising the bars for Tapas, other touristy highlights.

Kawai and Ohau
Paul and Rachel are making plan to attend Rachel's cousin's wedding in Honolulu around Thanksgiving time. Rachel's cousin, Ingrid plans to marry one of her best friend's husband. Her friend died a couple of years ago and Ingrid has known her future husband since their college days in Hong Kong.

It's a long haul to Hawaii, so the Bau's will make a two day stop over in L.A. to visit with the Frank Yang's of Newport Beach. Then they'll swing into Kawai for two more days ( so far they've visited Ohau, Maui, and Hawaii)and then fly back into Honolulu for the wedding.

Weddings are always happy occasions and they are very much looking forward to attending.

Gymboree in Wynwood
Mr. Cutie Pie has switched Gymboree schools and is now attending one in Wynwood, Pa. It's a class for toddlers and walkers... well, Anthony can almost walk! He can do jsut about all of the activites, but he still can't handle the color parachute exercises. His reaction to the parachute.... whaaaa!