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This issue brings you some new technology. Where? It's all behind the scenes. It's the first issue that is being uploaded and assembled using the web instead of FTP! We can all write articles from our browsers now. Let's hope this means more contributors in the future.

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Ryan Yeh
Kevin Bau
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  July 6, 1998 - Issue 4 - Philadelphia Edition
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The Big Move

Heidi and David are making a big move. But they have decided not to move out of their apartment - they're moving stuff around in their apartment!

With the baby coming soon, they needed to be able to separate their place into living and working areas. "The office is taking up the whole apartment," was Heidi's sentiment. "I need to be able to close the door when I work," said David. At first, they thought they needed more space.

But this weekend, the answer suddenly became clear: why not switch the bedroom and the office? So when Kevin arrived in town for the 4th of July, the weekend project became the disassembly (and reassembly) of the home office. Three computers, eight hundred pounds of books, and a tangle of wires later, the move is nearly done, and David is set up in his new office - with a door! Kevin's help made quick work of the big project.

"I like it a lot better this way," says Heidi. "Me too," agrees David.

Heidi Starts Second Year

It's back to vascular surgery for Heidi. But now, instead of being at the very bottom of the hierarchy, she's second to the bottom - a second-year resident!

This means she'll be getting to spend some time in the operating room. In just a few days of her rotation, she's already performed several operations.

But she's still the junior member of the team. "They don't let me do anything for real," she says, "it's all toes and feet." While the senior vascular surgeons are implanting vessels to improve circulation, Heidi gets to do the less glamorous work of amputating any toes that have died due to lack of blood.

Out Of Time, Kevin Finds More

The work was piling up on Kevin in almost incomprehensible amounts. He was beginning to panic. Time was running out.

Then, in an almost unbelievable turn of events, Kevin actually found some more time underneath his desk! This concept is, unfortunately, too difficult to explain in this small space. Look for a more detailed discussion in a later issue.

Mom Fooling with the Editor

I just edited your front page left column. After I finished writing and view the page, I realized a better place to put my page is on the right side pink column. Oh well! I'll do better next time. Did you see the pictures of One Franklin Tower?

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In other news
Digital camera really works
We can now take as many pictures as we want without using any film. Our new Agfa 307 arrived the day after we ordered it from

After taking some silly pictures, our first mission was to scout out an apartment for Mom and Dad. The verdict: it really works!

Heidi and David Toss 200lbs
Bookcases are way too heavy to move with books on them. So the books have to be moved seperately.

But while moving our books it became obvious that such classics as Inside OLE, first edition and 43 issues of unread Journal of Surgical Research were far too special to store in an ordinary way. Why not pull out the stops and archive them in the trash bin?

The 25 story building was reported to have been seen rising slightly from its foundation when the weight of the junk was removed.

Car repaired
Several days and three hundred dollars later, our trusty old Acura is no longer making that funny sound. "The left rear caliper needed to be replaced," explained John the mechanic.

What's a caliper? "I have no idea," said David.

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