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Happy First Birthday to Anthony!

There are a lot of baby pictures this month, so be sure to check them out!

- The Editor

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  August 26, 1998 - Issue 40 - Philadelphia Edition
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Anthony is One!

Anthony is a very tall little boy now! On his birthday, his neighbor Jane Margaret came over to play, and he had a little bit of birthday-cup-cake.

To celebrate, Anthony brought the whole family to Ruby's, where he shared his vegetable soup with Mommy, and he shared his avocado burger with Daddy, and he shared his french fries with Margie.

He especially liked drinking water from the bottom of the straw. "He's a little gerbil!" said Mommy.

He got a new outfit for his birthday, and wore it to play on the escalator in the mall. He went up and down seven times, but he is still a little bit scared when it's time to step off.

He topped off the day by playing outside in the most humungous thunderstorm of the year.

Tracy Weds Daniel Pierson

Tracy Yee and Daniel Pierson were married Saturday, August 14 in the Browncroft Church in Penfield. It was a beaufitul ceremony with more than 200 guests witnessing the exchange of vows. The groom's sister played the piano, one of the ushers sang a song, and one of the ushers blew his trumpet. The bride and groom just smiled and looked calm and happy thoughout the day.

The wedding reception dinner was held at the Burgundy Basin Inn in Bushnell's Basin in Perinton. Guests were treated to a solo violin piece by the groom to the bride, a father-of-the-bride dance with the bride, a duet sung by some close friends of the couple and of course as is the custom in any Chinese wedding, lots and lots of food.

The 14th also happens to be Daniel's birthday... he turned 24 on his wedding day. Tracy is 22 years old. The couple met at Indiana University where both were undergraduates.

After the wedding festivities, the couple is off for their honeymoon for 2 weeks touring Europe.

Cook'n for Anthony

Just prior to Grandpa Paul's August trip to Phili, the Wayland Libary called and said that the book, "Cooking for Babies and Toddlers" by Sara Lewis was finally available. There's only one copy of this popular book in the entire Minuteman ( 9 or 10 towns) system of libraries. This is the best book we've seen so far, with lots of simple receipes, lot of "how-to pictures" to help in the preparation, and tasty sounding food for the baby/toddler.

Mealtime can be tough as the baby approaches 1 year and older and he is likely to become more picky.... Therefore, we had better have some more exciting choices for him to choose from. Grandpa Paul needs help and it looks like this book will provide lots of ideas. Danger Mouse is already starting to eat a lot more things than formula and Gerbers baby food. O.K. Anthony, do you want cheese sticks or cowboy stew for lunch?

Mah-Jong Feast

Rachel and Paul hosted a "pot luck" dinner party that centered around Mah-Jong with two other local couples. Each family was to bring one dish and that was to be our dinner.... pretty simple, yes? Not with Chef Rachel in the kitchen. Would you believe that after snacks... pesto/tomato toast, fresh kiwi with peaches, nuts and a vegetable/chicken broth soup... it was finally time to sit down to dinner about 8pm. Everyone was pretty full by now, but as we sat for the main meal, there were 11 main courses included, steak kabob, bar-be-qued shrimp, curry chicken, garlic egg plant, broccoli, giant seascallops, begogi beef and salad, steamed eggs with chives, picked cucumber salad, steamed rice and more soup.

As the guests tried to stand up from the table, there was no escaping desert. Paul had bought a custom ordered pie from his favorite pie shop, the Wellesley Bakery and Cafe.. this time it was peach and blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream!

There was so much food on the table at the end of the meal it looked as though we had not yet started when in actuality, we had finished! Do you think we went a bit overboard? Never fear. Rachel picked up the phone after our Mah-Jong guest had departed and invited her youngest brother's family to dinner the next night. Even after the second round of guests, this time 8 people eating essentailly the same food, there were still pleny of left-overs. Rachel took some of them for lunch at the office the next day and Paul knew that he didn't have to cook dinner for a couple more nights.

Midtown Tennis?

Uncle Yen invited Paul and Kevin to play tennis at his club, the Midtown Health Club. After a brief warm up, we quickly decided that Yen and Paul should team up against Kevin. Well after about six straight winning games by Kevin, we decided that we had had enough and decided to go for some refreshments.

The Midtown Health Club is about the same price as the Wellesley Athletic Club which Paul belong to, but is considerable bigger and nicer.

Wonder Light on Control Panel

Ford Motor cars are famous for their warning lights on their control panels that read, "Service Engine". Drivers around the world often refer to this warning light as "the Wonder Light", meaning, I wonder what's wrong with my car engine. Many times, nothing can be found wrong with the car and the driver just drives around for years with his "Wonder Light" on!

Well, one day before our intended drive to Upstate New York for a wedding, Rachel told the Handyman that her "Service Engine" light had just come and would he fix it. *&^%$#, you've got to be kidding. Framingham Ford never takes our car without an appointment. Well, sure enough, at 6:55 am the Handyman arrives at Framingham Ford and tries to sweet talk the service manager into taking his car. No luck! However, he does suggest that we go down the street to Bay State Lincoln Mercury and they might squeeze us in.

Luckily, Bay State does take the car. They start to put it through some electronic testing equipment, but the Handyman, who has another car with him has to run off to an 8:30 dental appointment. At 9:30 he returns to Bay State. The Service Manager their tells the Handyman, "You don't even want to know what's wrong with your car!" Of course he's correct, we really don't want to know.

"Well" he continues, "in this car, your gas tank is under pressure. If you don't close the gas cap all the way, the pressure can't build up, and the warning light will go off. You gas cap wasn't tight the last time you filled your gas." Just go to the cashiers and pay the bill and get your keys. At the cashiers, the bill was zero. Huray for Bay State!

Dim-Sum at Ocean Harbor

Grandpa Paul checked the provisions in Gladwyne and decided that he wanted to restock the fresh vegetables from Philadelphia's Chinatown. Nanny Margaret and Danger Mouse came along for the ride, so they were treated to a Dim-Sum lunch at the Ocean Harbor at 1023 Race Street, right next door to the indoor parking lot that we use at the corner of 11th and Race.

The Weston Food Critic would rate the Dim-Sum as pretty good. Not up to NYC or Vancouver standards, but about as good as one gets in Boston and the staff is very friendly. Danger Mouse sat quietly during most of the lunch and particularly like the fried taro root with ground pork.. that was his favorite.

The following week, we went again with David, Kevin and Margaret. This time Anthony had two favorites. He liked the bread from the Char Su Bao and he loved drinking water from a straw that his father kept feeding him. Anthony, not quite 1 year old, seems to sit through an entire meal at most restaurants!

Rehersal Dinner

On the night preceeding Tracy's and Daniel's wedding, a rehersal dinner was held for the wedding party, family, and friends who had traveled long distances to come to the wedding. Paul and Rachel sat at a table that included many old Rochester friends, all of whom had moved away to other cities to live.

Shui and Jenny Lee from HK, Frank and Marlene Yang from Newport Beach, Bill and Jenny Fung from Shia-mun, China, Dorathy and Donald Chen from the University of Virginia, and Helen Chui from Tustin, Ca. shared a table with Paul and Rachel. What fun it was to see and chat with such good and old friends.

Thanks go to Brian and Emily Yee who hosted this get- together that was held at the Jade Palace in Webster.

Weston's Hunter-Killer Back in Business

The Hunter-Killer is hunting Chipmunks and field mice again this summer. He's catching about one chipmunk and perhaps four or five field mice per week. This is down considerable from last year when he caught almost one chipmunk daily. The number of chipmunks is down considerably due mainly to the weather and the acorn crop which is small. Last year was a record acorn year and a record chipmunk year for New England.

Not one to waste the hunting season and coming up empty, the Weston Hunter-Killer has also set traps for woodchucks and racoons who seem to enjoy eating Rachel's flowers. Boy, do they have their nerve!

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In other news
Amtrak for Paul
Airfare from Rochester to Phili and then from Phili to Boston was $450 or more. The same routing by Amtrak's rail system ( with a AAA discount of 10% ) turns out to be $115.

"Why are you taking the train instead of flying?", asked nanny Margaret.

"More than $300 in savings!", answered a smiling and richer Grandpa

Cable Modem
The Baus of Weston have hooked their computer up to cable modem with MediaOne. Their new e-mail address is: Baup@MediaOne.Net. Yikes, this new system is really fast compaired to WebTV on the telephone line. It does cost about $25/month more. They'll try it out for about three months and see if the extra speed is worth $300/year to them.

MediaOne was recently purchased by AT&T and they are making the effort to push cable for local telephone customers, new cable TV customers and Internet customers as well. Lots of customer incentives to sign up for their services like free installations. We'll see?!

Full AMTRAK cars
Paul switched train in NYC's Penn Station to get to Phili... it was a non-reserved seat train and left for Phili about 1 1/2 hr. earlier than the one Paul had planned on taking. Surprise~! All the seats were taken by the time Paul got on-board!

So, Paul walked from car to car, until he reached the cafe ( or snack car) which has eats meant for people to eat on. Paul quickly took a table, got a bag of chip and a mineral water and wha-la! A nice comfortable and early ride to the City of Brotherly Love :)

Home Alone!
The week of August 18th, nanny Margaret had to return to Indiana for the funeral of a close friend. That left Grandpa Paul and Anthony along to take care of each other. Anthony makes sure that Grandpa always has enough to eat by stuffing Cheerios in his mouth. Yum, yum!

Tea at the Chou's
Betty and Chou Chi-Chung invited many of Tracy and Daniel's wedding guests to their home in Penfield for the time between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception dinner. About 30 of the guests took them up on their offer and we decended on their house like a group of loqusts... eating every snack in sight. They did have a lot of snacks and didn't seem to mind at all.

Chi-Chung and Betty were leaving the next day for a two week vacation and were happy to have less food in the house. Where were they going on vacation? They were off to Iceland. Anybody know anyone else who has ever been to Iceland on vacation?

Anthony's Diet
So, with the help of "Cooking for Babies and Toddlers" and a bit of free time ( still limited when you have to care for Danger Mouse), Anthony has been eating fresh fruits ( cooked soft), cottage cheeses, yogurts, grilled cheese on toast ( with the crust cut off) and a few other simple dishes.

His appetite is pretty good, but he does not like to sit for long in his high chair. And when he's full or tired of eating, he slams that mouth of his shut tight! Don't even bother trying to feed him after that! :)

Rachel was sitting in her office at 4 pm when she felt bad chest pains that wouldn't stop. She called her doctor who told her to go to the hospital emergency room and call "911" for an ambulence to take her there. Rachel, tried to call Paul but no one answered at home. Spend money to save her life? Not Rachel, she drove herself to the emergency room.

After an EKG and blood tests, a heart attack was ruled out. Most likely "mussle cramps", but she had better see her regular phyician and undergo some stress testing. She had a plan to visit Kevin in NYC the next day and David and Heidi and Anthony for 1 Saturday. Should she delay the trip to be on the safe side. No way says Rachel, it definately not a heart attack.