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Grandpa has been writing plenty of stories, but we haven't been publishing them! In the next few days, we'll try to catch up.
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Ryan Yeh
Kevin Bau
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Rachel Bau
Paul Bau

Broadcast weekly around the world on

  November 22, 1999 - Issue 41 - Philadelphia Edition
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Ruby's a Hit

Ruby's Restaurant in the King of Prussia Mall is still a big hit with the Bau men. Sunday afternoon with Heidi at work and on-call at HUP, David, Kevin, Anthony and Dad decided to have burgers, onion rings and fries at Ruby's. Kevin added a few calories by ordering their "shake special of the day",Oreo Cookie shake.

Anthony after eating a bit of the complimentary crayon ( he seems to have a preference for the green ones), settled down to lots of fries, iced water via the straw, pickles, cheerios and some other "junk food". Ruby's is really geared towards families and in particular children. But if you just want a good old fashioned hamburger.... this is a place that is likely not to disappoint you. Try it out!

Paul's Colonoscopy

In preparation from his Friday afternoon Colonscopy at Mass Gen'l Hospital, Paul started his clear liquid diet on Thursday morning. By mid afternoon, he started drinking his 8 oz. of NuLitely ( an enema for cleaning the intestinal track) every 10 to 15 minutes until he thought he'd explode from too much liquid. NuLitely tastes pretty bad by the way.

Rachel and Kevin went with Paul to the hospital because someone must acompany the patient home ( because anesthesia is used) or the procedure cannot be performed. The patient and party arrived at 2:30 pm, 30 minutes before the operation was to be performed. Paul undressed and an IV was inserted into his right hand (the anesthsia was going to be administered via the IV.

Right at 3 pm he was rolled into the endoscopy room where the procedure was to be done. Paul was told that he would be "semi-concous" and could watch the operation on the monitor as the doctor did his work. As Paul looked at the monitor, he was amazed at how clean his intestinal walls looked. He commented on this to the doctor. The doctor answered,"You've already been throught the most difficult part".

"What do you mean?", asked Paul. It's a bit uncomfortable, but not all that bad. The doctor answered again, "You've been asleep for the past ten minutes". Paul then realized that the anesthesia had put him "out" for the most uncomfortable part of the procedure, the insertion of the endoscope up the rectum. Great, he thought' as he watched the doctor find the one polyp and cut it out. The exam of the entire large intestine found no more polyps. Good news!

45 minutes after entering the operating room, Paul was lying in the recovery area and about ready to go home. In a week, he was told phone Dr.Koh for the biopsy results from the lab on the polyp.

One of the things that took away a lot of anxiety from Paul was the fact that everyone of the staff was so cheery. This included the receptionist, the sign in person, the nurses and the doctor. With everyone so cheery, this really couldn't be that serious a matter!


There's an Ollie's down by Lincoln Center and it turns out that this chain also has an Ollie's at 116th and Broadway, the main entrance to the Columbia campus. The food is mostly Chinese and relatively inexpensive.

Paul and Rachel arrived late on a Friday evening and the choice was go out to dinner ( not hard to do anytime in Manhattan) or order take out to be delivered. We thought we'd try Ollie's for home delivery. Three dishes were ordered and surprise, in 15 minutes, the buzzer to the apartment rang with our delivery. The food was hot, plentiful and tasty. The price was $25 plus a tip of $3 for the delivery boy. Very handy and avoids the hassle of dressing up and going out. We'll definately repeat order from Ollie's.

Moles in the Front Yard

A small section of lawn in the front of the Bau's home in Weston has visable tunneling criss crossing all over the place. It reminds one of the cartoons of Elmer Fudd trying to catch Bugs Bunny. Well, Westons Hunter-Killer has a new challenge. Two years ago when confronted with the same problem, Moletox was the solution.

Not having any Moletox in the house, The Hunter Killer tried rat poison pellets for two weeks. More Tunnels. The Hunter-Killer talked with the pest control fellow at Russell's Nursery and he said moles never eat rat poison, they just don't like it. Moletex was bought and the pellets dropped down the opennings which are easy to find. We'll see in a week if there are any new tunnels.

For you home owners out there, last week the Handyman spead the early Fall fertilier and at the end of October, he plans to spread the winterizer fertizier which is already purchased and waiting in the garage.

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In other news
Uncle Kevin Visits Galdwyne
Just the week before Columbia Business School started class, Kevin made a quick swing to Phili to visit with David, Heidi, Anthony and Dad. David is helping to prepare a portable computer for Kevin to start out in B school with. The portable that David and Kevin are working on is pretty powerful, but a bit below the specs provided by the school for incoming students. Kevin is trying to save a couiple of thousand dollars, by using this "old computer". Sound like a good cost control measure for this future titan of industry.

AMTRAK Late Again!
Paul rode the AMTRAK from Phili to Boston and was almost an hour late arriving at Boston's South Station. We always change engines in New Haven... this should be part of the schedule. However, the tracks north of New Haven all the way up to Boston are single rail, rather than double rail. If trains are running on the same rail going in oppositie directions, one train must be put on a side rail, to allow the other to pass. Then the second train can proceed.

This competition for the rails is an everyday occurance. Now you can understand why most of the time, the trains from NYC to Boston do not arrive on time!!!

Stephane's French Bakery
A friend from Weston recommended that the Weston Food Critic try his favorite French Bakery in the Boston area, Stephane's located on Linden Ave. in Wellesley Center. Well, last Monday, about 2 pm and hungry from having skipped lunch, the Weston Food Critic had his opportunity. He ordered "lemon cheese cake" and a cup of coffee.

The atmosphene is very pleasant, so the food critic settled into a comfortable chair ( with table), picked up a newspaper, sat back and enjoyed himself for a very delightful treat.

The lemon cheescake was very good. To be fair, not as good as the lemon cheescake from say, the CheeseCake Factory. The coffee was excellent. We'd rate this place very highly becasue the over-all experience was "super". Next time, we'll order something a bit more "french".

Columbia-Gladwyne Drive
On Labor Day weekend, Paul and Rachel made the drive from Columbia to Gladwyne in less than 2 hours. Pulling out of the Morningside Garden garage, the entered the Westside Drive via 125th Street, went south an exited at 42nd Street where they picked up the Holland Tunnel ( haven't been through that tunnel in almost 50 years!). Two miles west on Route 496 and they picked up the New Jersey Turnpike which would take them to exit 4 to Camden and Philadelphia.

With little traffic this is an easy commute. We guess that with Kevin at Columbia for the next 2 years, they'll be making this Columbia-Gladwyne drive a few times more.