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Finally, we have published some recent news! This newsletter comes to you from Kawai, where Heidi and David are taking a few relaxed days at the Princeville (Grandpa and Grandma Paul and Rachel were just here a couple weeks earlier).

We'll be posting pictures from Hawaii as well - check them out!

- The Editors

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Broadcast weekly around the world on

  December 6, 1999 - Issue 44 - Philadelphia Edition
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Anthony flies to Hononolulu

This week, Anthony and Mommy and Daddy and Margie flew to Honolulu to visit Grandpa and Grandma. All the grown-ups were worried about the length of the trip. "Anthony is going to go nuts sitting on the plane for eleven hours," worried Daddy. But after a little scream when they first got on the plane, Anthony wasn't bothered at all: Look at all the people! And this little suitcase! Are we going to go to another airport? Can we walk up and down the ailse? The people at United were nice enough to put an empty seat for Anthony between Mommy and Daddy all the way from Philadelphia to Honolulu, so there was a bit of space for Anthony to climb around.

Anthony didn't stop eating for the entire journey! He went through five bottles of milk (including one from the airplane coffee service and one from Los Angeles), cheerios, graham crackers, mangoes, pears, shortbread cookies, lasagna, nachos, and a big milkshake (Mommy and Daddy like to skip the airplane food and eat in the airport, but Anthony likes to eat everything everywhere.) The next day he had a little constipation.

The last flight went way past Anthony's bedtime, so he fell asleep for the last couple hours before landing in Honolulu.

Loh-Tsou Wedding

Paul and Rachel attended the wedding of Rachel's cousin in Honolulu's Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hotel( formely the Kahala Hilton). Chris Loh and Ingrid Tsou were married (both for the second time) in a small but spectacular ceremony on the oceanfromt lawn of the Kahala Mandarin-Oriental Hotel. There were about 40 guests ( about 35 of them from out-of-town) in the small intimate affair.

As the wedding vows were being exchanged, Hawaii gave the newlyweds a special gift, a rainbow appeared in the distance up against a background of Diamond Head mountain. Certainly, this must be a "good luck" sign for the new couple who will make their home in Los Angeles.

The Mystery of the Missing Dinner Guests

Rachel and Paul were looking forward to a visit from Rachel's cousin, Ingrid and her new husband, Chris Loh, from Los Angeles. Rachel was planning and Paul was preparing a New England type of dinner in honor of the newlyweds: Freshly made pesto-tomato toast for appretizers, boiled lobsters as a main course, supplemented by broiled shrimp, New England clam chowder, potato-ham salad, stir fried string beans, cauliflower with mushrooms, etc. The champaign was in the cooler and earlier in the day, Paul had picked up a Key Lime Pie from the Wellesley Bakery to finish off the meal.

By 7:30pm both Paul and Rachel were beginning to worry. Rachel phoned the Four Season's Hotel to find out if they haad checked out. The hotel desk did have a record of Christopher Low, but the reservation had been canceled 6 days earlier and the guests had never arrived at the hotel. Were they staying at some other friends home the night before and just late for our dinner? 8:00pm and still no word. Paul called their Calif home number, but only got a recording machine on the other end... no one home in LA! By 9:00 pm, we gave up on our guest and ate dinner... but we were still very worried. Had there been an accident? Had something terrible happened?

The next morning, Rachel called Ingrid's sister , Jean, in Honolulu to see if she could shed some light on Ingrid's whereabouts. Indeed, something terrible, but not surprising had happned. Ingrid's new father-in-law had passed away in Hong Kong and Chris and Ingrid had to change plans and make a hasty trip across the Pacific. We knew Chris's father was very ill and in the hospital for a long time. Hopefully, things will settle down for the family and we will get a chance to meet Chris in the near future.

Kauai Island

The day after Thanksgiving, Paul and Rachel flew Aloha Airlines onto the island of Kauai to spend a couple of days of rest before returning to Honolulu to attend a wedding. They got a complimentary room ($510/day) with an ocean view at the 5 starred Princeville Hotel on the northshore of the island.... very, very nice! Kauai is a pretty small island so it's very easy to drive around and see all the sights. It's a beautiful island and our highlights were: Waimea Canyon State Park, the Menuhene Royal fish pond, the Hyatt Regency Hotel on the southshore and the Princville Hotel on the northshore.

It's a wonderful place to spend a few restful days and the island itself is just lovely. Then again, Paul and Rachel have been on Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and now Kauai... all of them are different and all of them are beautiful.

La La Land Revisited

Paul and Rachel visited with the Yang's( Frank and Marlene) in their Newport Beach home for two days over the Thanksgiving holidays. An extra bonus was the visit of their youngest son, Eric who came home for a weekend visit from his new home in San Francisco. Marlene invited some old Rochester friends for dinner... Liu Chi-Chun and his wife Margaret who just retired from Xerox and Helen Chui.

Paul and Rachel drove down to El Toro to visit with Paul's cousins Henry and Mary who also just retired. They've just closed their laundrimat, so we're hoping to see them on the East Coast for a visit in the not to distant future.

Highlight new attraction in La La Land! The J Paul Getty Museum in Brentwood is really breathtaking. The archetecture reminds one of the building methods used by the Incas of Peru. And of course the art collection inside is first class. Would you believe that the admission fee is $0.00. Yup! Entirely funded by the Getty Foundation, their is no admission charge to visitors.

Tuscan Pizza Market

The Tuscan Pizza Market is located on the 2nd floor of the King of Prussia Mall which is the largest shopping mall on the Eastcoast of the USA. The Weston Food Critic ate a light lunch there with his favorite dinning companion, Mr. Cutie Pie. The dined on Pizza topped with spinach and ricotta cheese... it as first rate. The pizza pie was thin crust and baked in a brich oven, just right. And the spinach was chopped and tender and sweet.

One downside to this eatery was that it had no High Chairs!!! Bad news, so the Weston Food Critic and Mr. Cutie Pie will think twice before returning.

Dinner at the Aberbach's

Len and Rita invited some old friends from Polaroid over for dinner and baseball. It was the AL Champoinship series between the dredded New York Yankees ( 24 World Championships this century) and the hometown Boston Red Sox ( no World Championships since they traded their star pitcher, Babe Ruth to New York back about 1917). The Yankees already had a two game lead, and this was the third game and most important if the Red Sox were to stay contenders.

Pedro Martinez( this years likely Sy Young award winner) agains former Red Sox piching ace, Rocket Roger Clemens ( three time Sy Young award winner). Well young Pedro, 27 and full of confidence was in command all the way over the aging Rocket, 37 years old. The final score: Boston 13, New York 1.

Oh yes, the dinner was wonderful also. However, any meal has a hard time competing with a 13-1 win over the Yankees. Other guests at the dinner were the Bob Delahunts and the Steve Englers.

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In other news
CellularOne to the Resue
Paul was making his monthly flight on USAir to Philly and was planning to cross paths with David in his home in Galdwyne for about an hour before David had to catch a car for his flight to Seattle. Paul boarded his flight half an hour early with the expectation of getting into Philadelphia 1/2 hour. Oh, oh... fog in Philly had shut down all flights that morning. Paul's flight pulled back and sat on one of Logan's runways for more than two hours. Who would take care of Anthony if David had to catch his flight? Would David have to reschedule his trip to Seattle? Did David have any idea that his father would be at least 2 hours late and possibly more? Paul reached into his suitcase for his cellular phone and phone Rachel at home ( free calls on weekends was the promise). Rachel phone David to alert him of Paul's flight delays. Heidi was coming home early that morning, so relax, was the word that came back. CellularOne's phone service really took the pressure off and cost very little. In an emergency, cellular communications can really save the day.

Flounder for Anthony
Grandma Rachel sent instructions to Chef Paul to make certain that Anthony got some fish in his diet. Paul does not eat seafood and never cooks it, so his knowledge of the correct fish for Anthony is limited. Off to Super Fresh and the fish counter. There Grandpa Paul asked the fishman, what fish could I feed a 1 year old, and it had to be more tender than chicken... Anthony chews(with mollers) his chicken, but cannot swallow it yet.

Flounder, was what the fishman reccomended and he suggested broiling it for three to four minutes. Gandpa bought a small filet of Flounder and this will be Anthony's next supper. Bon Apetite!

Storage Shelves Collapse
Last Fall, the Handyman installed shelving in the garage at the new Gladwyne residence of Heidi and David. This Fall, as he was parking one of the cars, the Handyman noticed that a couple of the shelves were becoming separated from the cinder block walls! What to do? The drills and bits used to set up the shelving last year were now in Boston.. no tools.

The Handyman went to the Gladwyne Hardware store for some advice and parts. He purchased some "butterfly countersinks", but these were too big to fit into the existing holes. Cinder block, unlike plaster walls, is very unforgiving. If the part is too big for the hole, then it's just not going to get in.

The interim solution was for the Handyman to get slightly bigger plastic counter sinks and jam them into the holes. Then re-screw in the brackets. Actually, this turned out to be quite strong. Dad will wait for David to come home and suggest that they put less of a load on the shelves by putting less storage on them.

Baus Stay with Yehs
During the Thanksgiving holidays and wedding and sightseeing, the Yehs invited Paul and Rachel to stay at their home in Hawaii Kai. Ivy must have made four separate car trips to the Honolulu airport to provide transfer service to them... way too much work. It was wonderful staying with them in that there was time to visit and exchange news. Hsueh-Wen came home from Taiwan the last day of their stay in order to spend a short time together prior to the arrival of the Prince the next day... yes, Anthony was about to make his first visit to Hawaii.