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  May 30, 2000 - Issue 53 - Philadelphia Edition
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Anthony talks Sentences

In May, Anthony's vocabulary continues to grow and for the first time, he is moving out of single word commincations combined with pointing and grunting. Now he communicates in multiple word sentences... usually two or three words at a time... still often compbined with pointing to get his point across.

"Anthony, do you want water?", asks Mar Mark (AKA Margaret). " No, juice, green glass" which of course means, No water thank you. I want juice in a green plastic glass. Margaret always follows with, " Can you say please?" And little Anthony says, "peas".

"Want to wear this white shirt Anthony?" asks Mar Mark. " No, green shirt n blue pants" You can of course understand what he wants and also see that he has inherited a fine sense of style from his grandfather (AKA po Pop ).

California Here I Come!

With a couple of week between final exams and the start of his summer internship job with Walt Disney in California, Kevin has time to relax and get ready for his move west. He decided to join his father on his monthly trip to Philadelphia to help to care for Anthony... what a joy!

The former J.P.Morgan analyst is packing boxes of items needed for his summer in Santa Monica, where he will live with Brian and Gary, two of his buddies from Brown who have an apartment close to the beach. By shipping the boxes ahead of himself, he'll be able to travel lightly when he flies out in early June.

Disney is helping by paying the airfare to and from the East coast and also helping by providing a rental car at a very low weekly cost. Kevin will intern at the Corporate Headquarters in the Finance Department. Kevin will try and evaluate the work in a corporate enviroment and the life style versus his 3 years on Wall Street.

Petunias and Begonias

The Gardener from Weston and her assistant (aka the Handyman), planted petunias and begonias along the edges of of the flower beds at the home of the Philadelphia Baus. This was in early May. By late May the edging flowers are full size and the flowers are big and colorful adding to the charm of the front yard and the neighborhood.

Key to successful flower growing? Water the flower beds at least twice a week.. three times is even better. Then ask the assistance of Anthony to add MiracleGro to the flowers once every two weeks. Be careful that Anthony does not trample all over the flowers as he waters them. He just love to use the watering cans and water, water, water.

Steve Rosenthal Married

One of David's Harvard roommates, Steve Rosenthal was married May 21st in the beautiful Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. David, Heidi, Anthony, along with Kevin and Grandpa Paul made the trip to NYC the night before and moved into Kevin's Manhattan apartment. The next morning, Kevin prepared breakfast for everyone, just before Heidi and David headed off for the late morning wedding.

While the parents went to Brooklyn, Anthony was taken to mid-Manhattan to visit with Auntie Deanna. Boy, did she have a good time meeting Anthony face to face for the first time. Meanwhile, all the guests at Steve's wedding had a great time and a wonderful reception afterwards. Brooklyn has one of the best botanical gardens in the world.

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In other news
Flounder Eater
Little Anthony gets fish, usually flounder prepared for him three times a week when Grandpa Paul visits him in Philadelphia. He really like the fish a lot and is now comsumming a whole filet at each meal. Grandpa tries now to purchase fish on sale at Super Fresh in the center of town. This is more to make certain that the fish is really fresh than to save a few cents. It seems to be working.

Rachel Hosts Party
Rachel and Paul held a small dinner party for some friends in the Weston home in mid-May. Kevin was home, so he was the VIP. Also in attendance were Sam and Chiu Pin Lee of Rochester, N.Y. their daughter Grace who just bought a condo around the corner from the Baus in Wayland's Mainstone Complex, Steve and Eva Tsai of Wayland and Kathy Niu of Lexington. Also Shirly and Peter Chen from Wayland were able to make it.This was a pretty big dinner group for a weekday dinner.

Eva was kind enough to bring over some vegetables, and Shirley brought a desert. Rachel prepared Mongolilian Grilled Lamb Chops. We also supplemented the food with "take out" from the Aegean Restaurant in Framingham... mousaka and grape leaf wrapped ground meat. Was there enough food. Oh, we had enough left overs to feed the family for the next week!