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We're publishing this issue all the way out in Los Angeles, in an effort to bridge the gaps between Hawaii, Philadelphia and Boston (and points in between). Doesn't this issue just feel warm and sunny?

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  June 7, 2000 - Issue 54 - Philadelphia Edition
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Hello. Hello?

"Anthony have you had breakfast yet?" asks Grandpa Paul over the telephone. "Breakfast", answers Anthony.

"Can you say egg?" asks Grandpa. "Egg" answers Anthony

"Can you say water?" asks Grandpa. "Wawa" answers Anthony

Can you say Cheese?" asks Grandpa. "Cheese" answers Anthony.

"Can you say jelly bean?" asks Grandpa. "Jelly bean. Jelly bean Jelly bean" answers Anthony. Uh oh. This is not so good. Better change the subject. Grandma wants no candy and no sweets fed to her grandson. She might walk in any minute.

"Can you say cereal?" asks Grandpa. "Jelly bean. Jelly bean. Jelly bean" answers Anthony. "Bye, bye Anthony"

Wedding Bells

were ringing in Toronto for David Tzau ( eldest son of Rachel's brother Barnabus) and Wendy Kwok on May 27th. About 130 guests attended the ceremony in a Catholic Church in norhtern Toronto. Twin brothers Derek and Jason were ushers, and Alicia Tzau was one of the flower girls.

David, who is from Vancouver, is currently working in Chicago as a programmer. Wendy, earlier this year also moved from Toronto to Chicago where she transfered with her employer Case ( the farm and construction equipment company). Following the wedding ceremony, David and Wendy went to his maternal grandmonther's house in Willowdale to have a tea ceremony with members of the families of the bride and the groom. Kneeling, they presented tea to their grandparents, then their parents, then their aunts and uncles, etc. In return for the tea, the couple received "red envelopes" filled with "good luck" money and other gifts.

The wedding banquet was a tradittional Chinese Banquet held at the Pacific Mall on the corner of Steele Ave and Kennedy. Lots of toasts, lots of games and way too much good food. It was a very happy affair and the folks that seemed to have the best time were the newlyweds. Dum, dum, dee, dum...

Omaha Steaks

were ordered by Ron on an introductory offer. He received the steaks and the ground beef patties and several gifts for about half the price of a normal order. Omaha Steaks wanted new customers to try the quality of their products in the hope that the would like it and re-order.

Well, Ron wanted Paul or Rachel to cook the steaks so he brought three of them to their house for dinner. Paul prepared baked potato with sour cream with chives. He also cooked some stir fried broccoli. Rachel came home from work and did the honors with the steaks. To be honest, these meats were the most tender and tasty eaten by the Baus in several years. They were significantly more tender than those found in most expensive restaurants. Now when these Omaha Steaks are not on special offer, they are expensive. However, there's no doubt that they are also about as good as you can get... you just can't find this quality of meat in your neighborhood supermarket. We'll probably order about once a year just to treat ourselves. Thanks Ron!

Boing Again!

Just as the Handyman was rushing to plant some flowers, clean the newly openned pool, and trim some hedges... he drove up to the house, openned the garage with the automatice door openner, and was ready to unload a trunk full of cedar mulch. Boing! The spring that balances the heavy wooden garage door popped. This same thing happened about a month ago on the other garage door.

De Ja vous? A quick examination of the broken spring told the handyman that it was exactly the problem that he had fixed only a month earlier, but on a different door. Off to Home Depot to purchase a new repair kit... $12.00. In about an hour of struggling with spings and grease and wires, the new springs were installed. Hooray! Another $150 service call avoided.

Kevin Begins His L.A. Story

Kevin arrived in Los Angeles, ready for his summer working at Disney and living with his roommates from Brown. He was immediately reminded of what it was like to live with them in college, and spent his first days washing the bathroom (which had established itself as an ecosystem), buying a lamp for the completely unlit living room, and doing the dishes. Still, living there has already proven fun-- the gang bought a little hibachi and had their first BBQ last night!

Work has started off fine, too. Disney supplied Kevin with the car normally reserved for geriatrics, the Buick LeSabre. It drives well, though (although the electric lock doesn't work) so Kevin is happy. Kevin's already working on some financing problems with The Disney Stores in Japan, and his workmates are very friendly.

Kevin gets slightly discounted Disney merchandise (20% off) and $5 off Disneyland or Disney World tickets. Let him know if you need anything!

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In other news
Sam & Chiu-Pin Lee
hosted a very nice dinner for the Baus and the Yees the weekend that Paul and Rachel made their trip to Toronto over the Memorial Day weekend for David Tzau's wedding. The hosts picked the Shanghai Chinese Restaurant on West Henrietta Road (Rt 15 just north of Jefferson Road,Rt 252). The Shanghai is one of the oldest and most successful Chinese restaurants in Rochester and was there and doing well long before the Baus moved to Boston. It was a wonderful dinner surpassed only by the fine company. Sam and Chiu Pin were leaving in two days for a long vacation to Eastern Europe... Hungary, Chek and Slovak, Austria, and more. Lucky travelers!

is the home of the Bryan and Emily Yee's.... long time friends of the Baus. They played host to the Baus over the Momorial Day weekend as Paul and Rachel drove to and from Toronto for their nephew's wedding. By the way, the drive from Weston to Pittsford took only 6 hours for a distance of 370 miles and the trip to Toronto from Pittsford took only 3 hours for a distance of almost 200 miles. There was no Memorial Day traffic on this trip.

Bryan prepared a special dinner as Tracy and her new husband,Daniel Pierce were also comng home to visit for the same weekend. He cooked roast beef, bar-b-q ribs, and boiled New England lobsters... in addtiion to all sorts of vegetables and deserts... But the hit of the dinner was Bryan old time specialty, GARLIC BREAD. Yummie! Emily also came home the same day after three(that's right 3) months away from home attending an art seminar in the Washington,D.C. area.

Pool's Open
June 1st is about the time each year that the Weston house has its pool openned after the winter. The Handyman uses New England Pool and Spa Services to open the pool for him. In 1999 the Handyman tried to open the cover himself with the help of Kevin, and boy did they struggle with the heavy cover. Later, one man from N.E.Pool came and man-handled the cover all by himself. It wasn't so much muscle as knowing what to do... even in the pool business, experience means a lot.

In preparation of a June 1st openning, the Handyman added a case of "shock" to the pool in mid-May. As the cover was lifted on June 1st, the water was blue and green murkie, but one could see the bottom of the pool on the shallow end. Actually, the water was very clear relative to past years. If all the pumps and filters continue to operate, then the water ( wawa as Anthony calls it) will be pretty clear by the 4th of June. Anyone for a swim?