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We hear that Anthony is speaking longer and longer sentences and exercising his will more and more strongly. Don't miss out on his growth! Read about it here, or better yet, go to Philadelphia and see for yourself!

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  June 26, 2000 - Issue 55 - Philadelphia Edition
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Car Ride, Pleez

Yup, there's always something new in Cutie Pie's life. Now that his vocabulary is increasing and he is able to express himself in mutiple word sentences he often asks for new things. Now at least once a day, he asks Grandpa, "Car ride pleez?". Grandpa takes him out in the Ford Taurus wagon with the built in baby seat in the back... that's just fine with Anthony. Grandpa usually drives up and down the street where Anthony lives and perhaps over to the grocery store only three blocks away. That seems to satisfy him just fine.

As Grandpa straps Anthony into the car seat, each time he says, "Memix" and points up front. If you don't understand Anthony's baby talk, "Memix" means music and he wants you to turn the radio on to a music station!

Boy, Is He Loud!

For years(although he's not yet two), Anthony has gone to Super Fresh with Grandpa Paul, and all the sales clerks know him as quiet and all too serious. All of a sudden, now everyone in the store can hear him while we are shopping. At the top of his lungs he's yelling for "juice". This morning, I purchased Breyer's Ice Cream for $1.99 for a half gallon(it's normally $4.99). Little Anthony starts screaming "ice cream, Ice Cream, ICE CREAMMMMM".

"Boy, is he loud", comments the deli clerk as she come out from behind the counter. "Anthony, do you want a cookie?", she asks. "Cook, cook, .." nods Anthony in the affirmative. The clerk walks to the cookie section, and picks out a vanilla cookie, with chocolate icing, and sprinkles. Anthony gives her one of his special big smiles as payment. She breaks out laughing and it's a good deal for both of them.

Chip & Dale return to Weston

Chip & Dale, without the benefit of a AAA Trip Tik have returned from Pennsylvania. Disgusted with the low grade acorns and other nuts, the chipmunks decided that they would be happier in the Bay State. Unfortunately for them, the Hunter-Killer is still at work in Weston. Why just yesterday, with his traps filled with peanuts, the H-K bagged three of the Chip & Dale tribe. These little critters just don't learn until it's too late. Adios little amigos... Weston is really not the healthiest place of residence. Indeed we do have the tastiest nuts, but they are very dangerous!

First Swimmers In

the Bau's Weston pool were Crystal and Alicia Tzau. Their mother, Suzanna, had taken them on a hot Saturday afternoon to swim at the Weston Middle School pool. The girls showered and were ready to enter the pool when told that no life guards were on duty and that therefore the pool was not open to the public. Uh oh?!

Well, let's visit with Auntie Rachel thought the girls. She has a nice pool and perhaps it's ready for the summer season. Indeed, the pool had been openned one week earlier and was clear, clean and safe. However, the heater had never been turned on and the water was quite chilly. The air temperature was close to 90 degrees so the choice was chilly water or no swim. "Watch Uncle Paul", called Alicia, "I can float on my back and I can swim on my back". The girls spent well over an hour in the pool and eventually, Auntie Rachel jumped in too.

"Fishing" in Pocasset

Paul and his buddy, Len Aberbach, drove down to Pocasset on the Cape to enjoy a visit with their friend Bob Delahunt and to catch a couple of Tautog... a good fish for fish cowder. Well, when they reached the Delahunts at 11 am, it was the beginning of "low tide". The tide was just started to come in again at 3:30pm... kind of late to start fishing if Paul wanted to get home for dinner. Better read the tide charts before the next visit. Better planning can prevent this kind of dispppointment.

So, instead of fishing, Bob, Len and Paul decided to walk the Wings Neck neighborhood of Pocasset. After building up an appetite, the drove to Falmouth for lunch and chit chat. It's a beautiful area of the Cape and with great weather and good company, it was a very pleasant day.


goes the Passat as it turns the corner on State Road #23. Yup, Mommie is off to work in her new Volkswagon Passat. Anthony wants a ride but must stay at home. Perhaps this weekend Anthony.

Heidi has a new car to replace the Toyato Tercel which was wrecked a month ago on a slippery slope. No one was injured in that single car accident, so we consider ourselves lucky. Her new Passat is blue and even comes with a radio. Oooh, are we moving up or what?

Retirement & Transfer Party

Paul played coordinator for a party to honor two of his old Polaroid co-workers, Steve Engler who retired in June after 31 years with the Company and Mario F Alfano (aka MFA) who quit to join an LA company as corp. V.P. of Marketing. The company is Xircom.

Invited were members of Paul's old LaCan (Latin America and Canada) headquarters group, which was dissolved as Paul retired two years ago. 15 folks came together to wish Steve and Mario good luck on their new adventures. The dinner was held at the Peking Garden in Lexington Center and everyone had a wonderful time chatting up a storm.

There were gifts for the guests of honor and a bit of roasting with good humor.

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In other news
Derek Graduates from Harvard
on June 8th. He received his PhD in Chemistry. Both grandmothers, his parents, and friends joined in the festivities. Paul and Rachel were invited to the graduation dinner at the Kaya Rest. on Porter Square. Then the party moved over to the Cheesecake Factory in the Cambridge Galleria Mall. A good time was had by all!

After 4 1/2 years of hard work, Derek and his girlfriend, Ann, will take a 3 week vacation to Europe... London, Bath, Paris and then Barcelona. After that, some post doc work in NYC, where he and Kevin will be roomies.

Bark Chipping
can save lot of time. If done properly, it prevents weeds from growing, and hours of de-weeding on weekends.

Normally, the procedure the Handyman uses is clear the bed, lay down a porous sheet of plastic weed preventer, and then spread the bark chip on top of the plastic sheet. Work like a charm and no more de-weeding.

Arroz con Gondules
is one of Paul's favorate dishes and he always orders it whenever he gets to San Juan(not too often nowadays). We'll Ron, who regularly joins Paul and Rachel for dinner, decided to give everyone a treat and cook this native Puerto Rican dish himself. That's what we're having for dinner tonight. How does it taste? Write to the Weston Food Critic(aka Paul) and get the evaluatiion!

Pa POP, Come!
That's the command that little Anthony gives his Grandpa Paul. PaPOP is the name he uses.... Grandpa is just too difficult. No matter, Grandpa undderstands, and Anthony makes certain that he is understood.

After 4 weeks absence, Grandpa arrived in Gladwyne while Anthony was taking his afternoon nap. He awoke at 3:30pm and Margaret got him up, changed, and dressed. Then he saw someone in the hallway. Yikes, it's PaPOP! Anthony's face lights up light like the sun with a huge smile and his little legs run to Grandpa and he jumps into Grandpa's arms. Boy, it sure makes that drive all the way from Boston worthwhile. The little guy certainly lets you know that you are welcome.

Kevin has recently started enjoying bowling. Bowling? How unhip and boring! Perhaps, but Kevin enjoys it. He's not even very good at it. Kevin thinks that there's just something inherently fun about throwing heavy things around. Or maybe it's those funky shoes that you can rent at bowling alleys....