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  July 20, 2000 - Issue 57 - Philadelphia Edition
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Whaaa! Don't leave me!

Anthony is registered at the local Montessori School for a summer pre-nursury class this summer. It's 1 1/2 hours, twice a week... that is if you can get Anthony to go to school. Grandpa Paul and Anthony's father walked Anthony in his stroller to school. As the teacher met us at the gate and carried Anthony into the school, he screamed and cried,"Whaaa...! Don't leave me!" Upon picking Anthony up from school, his father,David was told that he cried for almost 1/2 hour. Perhaps he's not ready for school yet?

David was sure that it must be Grandpa's fault. "He's too attached to you", said David. "Tomorrow, I'll take him to school by myself. You stay home and then he won't cry when I hand him over to the teacher". So, the next day, David and Anthony went off to school alone. Little Anthony cried as he was handed over to the teacher. David waited outside the school and after listening to him cry for 30 minutes, David went inside to take Anthony home early. So much for that theory(it certainly wasn't Grandpa).

The next week, nanny Margaret said, "I'll bring him. He never crieds when I leave him". So off to school went Margie and little Anthony. At the school gate he wouldn't let go of Margie. Hmmmm... what to do? Margie went into the classroom with Anthony. She stayed there for 30 minutes and played with him. When he was doing other things, she quietly left him with the other kids and teacher. That seemed to work. He had a pretty enjoyable day in school that day. Oh Anthony, perhaps you'll read these articles about yourself twenty years from now!

Woodchuck Trapped

Yikes! Now that we've caught it, what do we do with it? Rachel was very upset with the woodchucks eating her flowers by the pool patio, so she asked Paul to trap the *%#@! and get rid of it. The Hunter-Killer skillfully loaded his "Have-A-Heart" trap with a juicy section of apple and wha la ... one large woodchuck was trapped the next morning!

Woodie was the size of a large cat, but he was very strong and had claws that were black and about 1 1/2 inches long. Boy, did they look menacing. "Let's let him go", suggested kind hearted Rachel. "Tomorrow I am going to Nehant and I'll let him go there", she said.

He'll definately make a mess in the stationwagon thought Paul. Well, some newspaper could take care of that. Would Rachel, who'd be without the Hunter-Killer let the woodchuck out of the cage without getting hurt herself? That is a problem. Perhaps it would be better that Paul release Woodie down in Newton Lower Falls. That's more than 4 miles from the house and very unlikely that he can find his way home. This would avoid Rachel messing with an angry and strong woodchuck. Newton Lower Falls is like woodchuck heaven... lots of wood, lots of water, and lots of other woodchucks.

Deanna Visits Boston

Paul's sister, Deanna of NYC, is planning a visit to Boston in late July. A full itinerary is being planned by the hosts. Events include a visit to the special Van Gogh exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, a tour of Salem, a trip to New Hampshire to visit with cousins Myrna and Michael and see their new home, and shopping with Rachel.

What are some of Deanna's favorite meals in Boston? Hmmmm... Let's have steamed pork pie, shrimps in tomato sauce and steamed lobsters. That ought to do it!

The summer visit to Boston is becoming a tradition with Deanna. She's continued a visit started decades ago by their father to visit Paul and Rachel every July. What fun!

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In other news
Sweeten that Lawn
This Spring, the lawn at the Bau's Weston home was loaded with moss. It took hours to dig and pull just a few hundred square feet of moss, then re-seed and hope for the best. Most of the lawn, we just sweetened by adding lime... four times so far this season. The results?

The lawn is strong and healthy and almost moss free. The areas where we did not pull the moss are just as strong with grass as the areas where we did dig it out. Conclusion: Keep sweeteding the lawn with lime throughout the year and it will keep the grass strong and the moss down.

Humanitarian Reward(Award?)
So, the Hunter-Killer, inspired by his kind hearted wife, decided to take Woodie, the woodchuck, to Newton Lower Falls and to be released next to the Charles River and plenty of woods. Before transporting the woodchuck in a cage to the release area, the Hunter-Killer first lined the car trunk with a plastic garbage bag. Then he put newpaper over the plastic. Then he loaded the cage with the woodchuck into the trunk... Ka Tump!

Woodie must have been frightened, for he urinated one heck of a big load in the trunk. Fortunately, the newspaper absorbed most of it and the plastic bag protected the rest...almost. About 5% of his pee did reach the trunk carpet. Nice reward for being a humanitarian! If his cousin shows up in Weston in the coming week, he should be mightly careful before coming onto the Bau property to eat flowers.

Suzie Possum
A possum(variant opossum) was a surprised as Paul to end up in his Havaheart trap on the pool patio. Living in the woods offers all types of wild anilmals to the Baus. They have field mice, moles, skunks, deer, possums, woodchucks, snakes, birds, and on and on... The possum was released in our Newton Lower Falls area by the Charles River... about 5 miles from the house. Its a very lovely area with lots of natures other creatures!