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Apologies that this issue took so long to get published! The editors have been a bit busy at work, and just haven't been able to keep up with the prolific writers.... er, writer. Enjoy!

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  August 14, 2000 - Issue 58 - Philadelphia Edition
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Fire Engines

As Anthony was finsihing his dinner, he suddenly started repeating, "Fire Trucks. Fire Trucks!" "Do you want to see the Fire Trucks?" asked Mommy. "Yes!" answered Anthony in the affirmative. "Well, if you let Mommy finish her dinner, then I'll take you to see the Fire Trucks," promised Heidi.

And sure enough, as soon as dinner was done, on went Anthony's socks and shoes and then off in the stroller went little boy and mother to the fire station which is only 1 1/2 blocks from the house. Big smile all the way!

Car Ride, Car Ride!

Ever since the Baus moved into their Gladwyne house 1 1/2 years ago, the normal routine is for Anthony to be fed breakfast by Grandpa, then he's cleaned up and dressed and the two of them stroller over to the Super Fresh Grocery store in the center of town.

Well, the past couple of trips, Grandpa has driven rather than flown to Philadelphia and he's used Grandma's Taurus wagon as it has a built in baby seat in the back... very convenient! Anthony's Mom has a new car, a blue one and he likes it a lot too. He also likes Grandma's wagon for some reason. All this week, when asked to walk to the grocery... little Anthony yells out, "Car Ride! Car Ride!" "Do you want Grandpa to drive you in the car?" asks Grandpa Paul. "Yes", answers Anthony in a clear and unmistakeable way. So off they go to get into the car. As Grandpa opens the door and offers to help Anthony in, Anthony wants to help himself into the car and the baby seat. "Self. Self", he says as he climbs into the car by himself.... he's certainly very independent and has a mind of his own.

VanGogh "Face to Face"

July 2 thru September 24, 2000 at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston this van Gogh exhibit was enjoyed by Rachel, Deanna and Paul on a late July weekend. This was the first comprehensive museum exhibit devoted exclusively to Vincent van Gogh's achievments in portraiture. In addtition to his still lives, and landscapes, this artist was extremely prolific as a protrait painter during the short ten years of his life when he painted.

This Dutch painter was mostly self taught, but was influenced by the impressionists artist of Paris that surrounded him. His art was unique and he did not achieve success or fame during his lifetime. After his death by suicide, he became recognized as one of the great neo-impressionists. A rich exhibit and a definite "must see" for those who make it to Boston this summer.

New Goffstown Home

Myrna and Michael Chen (Paul's cousins) have built a new house right next door to their former house on Pattee Hill Road. The new house is essentially all on one floor, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the study, the dining area... all on one level. It is big and comfortable and has the same beautiful view of the New Hampshire Montains as the old house.

In late July, Paul and Rachel with Deanna and Ron made a Sunday afternnon visit. Myrna treated everyone to a Chinese summer lunch. As an extra treat, Michelle and her friend Jon were visiting that weekend too so there was so much news and updates to be exchanged that the afternoon just flew by. What a pleasant visit.

If you are interested in pictures of the visit, e-mail Paul on the sidebar of the "Bau Family Online News" and one or two pictures will be sent to you.

Phillips House

Paul, Deanna and Rachel decided to tour the town of Salem, Ma as an interesting, historical and fun outting. One of their first stops in town was to walk Chestnut Street, at one time considered the most prominent street in America. In fact still today, every house on the street is in the National Historical Registry. These are big and impressive homes built originally by the sea captains of Salem who ran the Yankee Clippers that traded with the Orient.

As they were walking down Chestnut Street on a sunny and clear afternoon, a tour trolley came down the street and Paul waved it to a stop. "How much for a tour of Salem?", he asked. It was $10 for the one hour tour, so the three of them jumped on board. Near the end of a very pleasant and informative tour, the trolley returned to Chestnut Street and the tour guide, speaking into the microphone said, on the left is the only house on Chestneut Street open to the public. It is the Phillips House, home to the founders of the Phillips Andover and Phillips Exeter Academies. It the best tour bargain in Salem."

As the group got off the trolley and they prepared to go the famous Peabody Museum, Rachel had a change of plans in mind. "I want to see the Phillips House", she said. So the group of three walked back to Chestnut Street and toured the mansion of the Phillips. Paul is pretty sure that this house belonged to the cousins of the founders of the Phillips academies.. these were the sea captains. The other branch of the Phillips were Episcopal Ministers... and we think it was this branch and not the sea captains who were the educators. All of the Phillips men however went to the academies and all were Harvard men.

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In other news
Chinese Brunch
The best Chinese brunch that Paul and Rachel enjoy in Boston's Chinatown is at the Best Cafe on Tyler Street. Chicken "jook" is just the best... no oil and just the cleanest best flavors one can imagine. Lopcheing (port sausage) fried rice... yummy! And their fried noodle dishes are cheaper than you could make them yourself and so much tastier. On a Zagurt's scale of voting; service is a 20(but only if you speak Chinese), otherwise service gets a 15! Amibance gets a generous 10. Food rates a strong 23+ and value is tops.

The Best Cafe was reviewed before and it consistently gets top value raves.

Peabody Museum Cafe
The Peabody Museum in Salem is quite famous for its Americana and New England history collections. One delight that is not as well know, but a smart lunch stop-over if you are in Salem is the Cafe at the museum. It's a very high quality lunch at a reasonable price. The Cafe is owned by the folks who own and run the Hawthorne Hotel in town... also a great place to stay or eat. Lunch without drinks will run you about $10.

If it's a nice summer day, you can sit outside on the patio which is part of a very elegant Japanese garden. Hours are 11 am to 2 pm. Enjoy!

Uh Oh!
Paul had just left Boston and arrived in NYC on his way to Philadelphia. He was spending the night in Manhattan and was about to go to sleep early went the phone in the apartment rang. It was Rachel calling and she wanted to know if Paul knew that one of his traps in the backyard had trapped another woodchuck. Great! One less pest to eat Rachel's flowers thought Paul.

"Do you think I can release it near Case House?" asked Rachel. Case House is 3 miles from our Weston house, but share some of the same woods. The woodchuck might find his way home from there. "Better release it a bit further from home. I suggest Newton Lower Falls by the Charles River" instructed Paul.

"Uh Oh!", thought Rachel, "How do I open the door and let the woodchuck out? Do you think it's safe?" "Uh Oh!" thought Paul. Now that she's caught it, what are we going to do with it?