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  October 26, 2000 - Issue 61 - Philadelphia Edition
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Yikes! New Shoes!

Anthony continues to outgrow his clothes and his shoes as all little boys do. His parents bought him a new pair of sneakers(with flashing lights) and his old sandles(with flashing lights) still fit. Grandpa Paul decided to replace his old brown shoes(which were his favorites) with a new pair from the Joy Stide Rite store in the King of Prussia Mall. In the store window, Grandpa saw the identical pair to what Anthony used to were. In they went and sat down after they got a sales woman to wait on them.

To Grandpa's surprise, Anthony started to scream and cry as Grandpa took off his sneakers to try on the new brown shoes. Anthony wanted to keep his sneakers on. He did not want Grandpa to take off his sneakers. Whaaaaa! Noooooo!

The sales woman was very cool and understanding. I think she's seen this before. Anyway, the new brown shoes fit, so Grandpa threw them in their box, paid for them and made a quick retreat out of the store.

Half an hour later, Grandpa would take the brown shoes out of their box and look at them and feel them and examine them while Anthony watched. Then Anthony said,"Wear brown shoes.". "You want to wear these shoes now?", asked Grandpa

"Yes", answered the little boy.

Grandpa took off Anthony's sneakers and put them in the shoe box. He then put the new brown shoes on the little boy. Big smile and off he ran down the shopping mall corridor.

At home that evening, Grandpa told mommy Heidi that they had been shopping for shoes with Anthony. "Oh, you must have had a tough time.", commented Heidi,"Anthoy really does not like to shop for shoes."


Co-Pilot Kevin Drives Home

The past three or four trips to Philadelphia, Paul has driven Rachel's Taurus wagon rather than fly. The airlines have been charging more and their service and reliability and timeliness have been atrocious. Paul finds driving long distances tiring and boring and he get sleepy easily on these trips. One good break is to stop overnight in NYC and break the trip into two parts. Another good idea is to have a co-pilot or companion driver. Kevin, just home from his summer internship job in Los Angeles decided to get a ride to NYC with his Dad. About half way through the trip, Paul felt drozy... Co-Pilot Kevin took over and when Paul awoke, he was about to enter Manhattan. Now that's a better way to travel!

The next day, Paul planned to drive on alone to Philadelphia for his monthly visit with Anthony and his parents. Before leaving NYC, Paul hosted a small dinner at the Korean Mill for his nephew Mao-mao, Kevin, Deanna and Larry. A good time was had by all.

Cradle of Liberty

Ivy and Paul took Ivy's friend, Masako from Tyson's Corner, Va. on a tour of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell in early September. It was a cool and sunny morning, so Anthony in his stroller wanted to by in the sun for warmth or to be carried.

Where did the name "Liberty Bell" come from? Well this cracked bell was originally cast in 1750 and sat atop the Pennsylvania State House. In the 1830's, a group of abolistionists from Boston came to Philadelphia and while on tour read the inscription on this bell... it reads something like: " let freedom ring throughout the land for every man..." This group, the friends of freedom who were a part of the "underground railway", decided to adopt the bell as a symbol of their cause and named it the Liberty Bell.

The Bell was used as a patrotic symbol after the Civil War to reunite the states. It toured the Southern states for many years reminding the people of when they had been united in their war against England. It's also been unsed as a symbol to raise funds for the WW I and WW II war efforts and is still today an important symbol for civil rights leaders in this country.

Anthony plays at FAO

FAO Swartz is one of the most customer friendly stores you are ever going to visit. They have most of their store inventory on display and all of the electrical toys have batteries in them for demonstation purposes(they must change the batteries almost daily). Anthony goes there regularly and loves to play with the Sesame Street musical puppets like Elmo, the Rock Star.

His favorite toys are always the cars and trucks... must run in the genes... his uncle Kevin was always into cars and trucks too.

After toys store "shopping", Grandpa Paul took Anthony for a quick stop at our favorite grocery. The lady at the Deli department sees Anthony and offers his a sample of her cheese. The little boy loves all types of cheese and gives her a big smile. Her name is "Dolly" and she recogizes Anthony... why shouldn't she as he comes in everyday!

Anthony eats the whole large piece of cheese before he gets home.

Marlene Seifert

Auntie Marlene is little Anthony's new nanny. She just started caring for Anthony in mid-September, the same day that Anthony started his Montessori School sessions too! Oooh, lots of new things for one day. Margie, who has cared for Anthony for 1 1/2 years has taken off for Florida and some excited new adventures. We wish her well and thatnk her very much for all the loving care she provided Anthony during his first years of life.

Marlene lives about an hour west of Gladwyne with her husband,Fred and 2 dogs. The town they live in is Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Marlene and Anthony are off to a great start, but it will probably take another week for them to become really familiar with one another. But even on the first day, Anthony has a lot of warm smiles for his new nanny and she has big smiles for him too.

Marlene and her husband are natives of the NYC area. She was born and raised in Brooklyn along with her nine siblings. She has one sister who lives close by in the King of Prussia area. This is not Marlene's first nanny job... she's cared for children for almost ten years now. So Anthony has a very experience nanny to play with and learn from.

Gladwyne Montessori

Anthony's first week of Montessori School has been rather tough on the little guy... don't forget he just turned two. Grandpa Paul has not witnessed any of this first hand as Anthony has been taken to school and picked up by David or Marlene... but Grandpa can tell its not been easy for Anthony. When he comes home after his one hour sessions... the eyes are a bit puffy... not been crying we hope. He'll continue these one hour session, for another week. Then he'll move onto two hour session... three times a week.

All new playmates, new enviroment, new teachers... so many new things. New things and places are the not best of worlds for two year olds.

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In other news
David's new start-up company, Crossgain, made the lead article of the marketplace section(B section) of the Wall Street Journal on Monday, September 11th. It was the first time that this writer has seen anything in print about this small new venture. Exciting!

Station Wagon Hit
Paul was returning alone to Gladwyne from a quick shopping trip to King of Prussia Mall. He was behind a Mack dump truck with a full load of dirt and about to enter onto State Road 23 in Consehocken... there's about a 40 degree grade on this entrance. He was sitting a full car length behind this dump truck when the truck starting to slide backwards. "Beeeeeep!", sounded the Taurus wagon... all to no avail. The Mack truck kept coming. Krunch, crackle, krunch...the hood was crushed, the right fender pushed back, the front bumper wiped out and more.

Oh no! What a way to ruin a day! The truck started to pull away. The Taurus was still able to move so Paul quickly followed the truck jotting down the license plate number just in case the driver decided not to stop. The truck pulled into the service station across the road... Paul followed. Well, information was exchanged, the police were called and came and made an accident report, etc. This will take lots of paperwork and lots of time and aggrevation to get this all fixed and settled. Not a lucky day! Fortunately, Paul was alone and no one was hurt.

O'Reilly's Auto Body
Paul took Rachel's Taurus wagon to O'Reilly's in Watertown to be repaired. On September 25th, he drove to O'Reilly's and met with Insurance company appraiser and Bernie O'Reilly. Bernie and John knew each other well and as Paul expects the other driver's insurance company to pay for all the repairs... the appraisal went pretty quickly.

Down the block from O'Reilly's is an Enterprise Rent-a-Car, so Paul went there and rented a Taurus Station wagon to drive forthe week or two it will take to repair Rachel's car. Again, the insurance company will pay for this rental as well. Lot's of time wasted and lots of hastle, but the car repairs have begun finally... almost two weeks after the accident down in Conshehocken.

The Korean Mill
For a nice inexpensive dinner near the Columbia campus, try the Korean Mill restaurant at the corner of 113th and Broadway. The place is small with lots of small tables, so you are likely to find your small table crowded with the many dishes that Korean meals tend to have. We tried the Begogi Beef Hot Pot and the Barbeque Short Ribs and the scallion pancakes and the green lemonades. The Kimchee and all the dishes tasted very authentic and delicious.

The Weston Food Critic gives them: 18 for food, 15 for atmosphere; and 14 for service. With tax and tip it cost us $18.00 per person for dinner.

The Art of War
The Art of War stars Wesley Snipes and is an action spy thriller movie of the "Die Hard" or "James Bond" variety. The super hero is a super fighter, super smart and always comes out on top.

There's not much plot to these films, but they do provide an afternoon's worth of entertainment. Paul loves them. Rachel hates them. You choose yourself.