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We're still a little slow on the pictures, here... our sincerest apologies! We know that everyone loves the pictures! Our staff photographer has been busy pursuing other interests (i.e., work) and promises to put up more pictures soon.

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  November 19, 2000 - Issue 62 - Philadelphia Edition
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Grandpa's Wallet

Anthony has a very nice black leather Pierre Cardin wallet. It is actually very expensive but there is nothing inside. One night, while watching TV with Grandpa Paul, little Anthony asked for Grandpa's wallet.

"What a strange request from a 2 year old",thought Grandpa.

Grandpa got up and found his wallet and gave it to Anthony. Anthony immediately, pulled out his Pierre Cardin wallet and started to fill it with credit cards from Grandpa's wallet.

"What's that one?" asked Grandpa pointing to the Super Fresh card.

"Grocery!" answered Anthony surprising his grandfather.

Grandpa pulled a 1 dollar bill out and put it in Anthony's wallet. He was unimpressed... the little boy does not yet have the concept of money down... give him a couple more months, thought Grandpa.

We'll just have to keep a few more things out of his reach and out of sight. He has very busy hands and a very active mind.

"Change Diaper"

"Anthony, do you need a diaper change?", asks Grandpa after 3 hours from the last change.

"No!", answers Anthony as he runs in the opposite direction.

Now grandfather is pretty sure that he needs a diaper change, but this little guy is going to try and give him a "hard time".

"Anthony, if you don't change your diaper, you're going to get a sore pee koo(toosh to you non-Chinese), and then it will hurt and then you will cry.", informs Grandpa.

Zip! Little Anthony runs over to his changing mat and lies down and says,"Change Diaper!" Big smile from Anthony as he lies there quietly waiting to be serviced.

Sure enough, diaper's pretty wet and in need of changing.


Plymouth Meeting Mall has a wonderful carousel that runs daily and is located indoors. It's in beautiful condition and it's never crowded nor is there a que to climb aboard. For $1.75 per person ( an adult can usually accompany a child under 42" at no charge) a customer gets a 3 minute ride on a horse, a bench, a carriage, a spinning cup or a swing.

Stopping at the Auntie Annie's pretzel stand just before the carousel, the counter clerk gave Grandpa two complimentary tickets saying, "Take the little boy for a ride on me." Now Anthony's adrenaline starting pumping and he was not sure he wanted any ride at all. He definately did not want to get on one of the horses that go up and down as well as round and round. "How about we start off on one of the stationary benches?", suggested Grandpa as he held Anthony on his lap.

Anthony liked this well enough that he wanted to go to the second story of the carousel on his next ride. He pointed to the swing... so swing we did! Then he wanted more... downstairs to the first level, we picked the rocking carriage. And the we rode the spinning cup. Grandpa was getting dizzy... enough.

As Grandpa went to the cashier's window to pay for the extra two rides, the ticket gal said,"Oh forget it. You don't have to pay for the extra rides." Two free rides from Auntie Annie's and two free rides from the ticket gal! $7.00 worth of free rides!

Electric Windows

Anthony loves to pretend to drive in Grandpa's car. He'll fiddle with all the buttons that he is allowed to touch... all pretty safe with no key in the ignition. Then he goes for Grandpa's pocket."Key", says Atnhony. "Put in",he continues.

"It's hot in here. Better open window", as he make a bee line for the passenger window and pushes the proper button to lower it. "Ah, fresh air", breaths the little guy. Then with a grin, he continues.

"Better open Grandpa's window", as he runs over his grandfather's lap on the way to the driver's side window. Next a big grin of satisfaction and he looks in the back seat area.

"It's too hot in the back", he says as he climbs over the front seat to get into the back.

Grandma Enjoys Anthony

Rachel decided to come to Gladwyne over the long Colmbus Day weekend and enjoy he grandson, and enjoy they did. First Grandma Rachel read stories to Anthony from the Walt Disney book... the 3 Little Pigs was one of his favorits.

Later, she sat with Anthony and played games and built buses and schools with his Lego set. Anthony loved to "go to school" and "ride the bus" and drink his mile and smile and smile. It was hard to tell who had the bigger smile that day... grandmother or grandson.

Gladwyne Montessori

Anthony is going to Gladwyne Montessori for three days a week, for two hours each session. It's amazing to observe him and his behavior in class. Anthony has good concentration, enjoys playing with the school toys and teachers, and follows direction well. For example, after finishing his snacks in school, Anthony puts his left overs in the trash himself, then he puts his dirty cut in the cup tub in the sink and his dirty dish in the dish tub in the proper sink.

Another example of following instructions is when he follows the teacher to the playground. The students(most of them that is) hold onto a red rope that the teacher holds and leads the group in an orderly line, out onto the grounds of the school. Little Anthony holds the rope and sings,"We are walking to the playground."

His favorite activities are: playing in the sandbox, and playing with the big rideable cars in the school lobby. His favorite teacher is Miss Mary... at least that's the one he talks about all the time.

Steve Engler helps Handyman

Rachel saw a bed headboard in a furniture showroom that had removable coverings, so she thought she'd like to have the bed headboard put back on the bed in the master bedroom. However, she didn't like the old mountings as they did not provide stable support if one leaned on them(for example,like reading at night and proping a pillow against them).

Well, Paul made up a design and went to Home Depot(where else?) to purchase the thicker mounting posts made of hard wood. How would he drill holes in the posts and bed frame and make it look really nice? He turned to his friend, Steve Engler who lives in the next town. Steve had a press drill in his workshop. In addition, Steve had the knowledge and skills to do a really professional job. Steve guided the Handyman and together, they mounted the headboard. It took them two sessions of 1/2 day each, but upon completion, the headboard and the bed frame were matched and built "like a battleship". "Now that headboard is not going anywhere",commented Steve proudly.

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In other news
Way Station Gourmet
Paul has been driving to Gladwyne rather than flying for about 4 months now. As he usually makes the trip alone, he finds that using Kevin's apartment in NYC is a great way to avoid a tiresome 6 hour drive and also a great chance to visit with Kevin. Normally, rather than cook after a long drive, or go out to a restaurant, Paul likes to order Chinese take-out food from Ollie's or some other Chinese neighborhood restaurant.

Rachel had a better idea. Just before the trip, she cook up veal chop with scallions and some super asparagus. Paul carried this to NYC and all that remained to complete the dinner was a pot of rice that Kevin prepared in a few minutes. Yummy.

The next morning before Paul continued his journey to Philadelphia, Kevin cooked up a gourmet breakfast for his Dad. The menu: sunny side up egg( only one as Kevin was a bit short), chicken fingers ( as Kevin was out of sausage or bacon), hot Nabisco cereal ( from the MBA recruitments on campus) and toast. Pretty gourmet and much better than what you can get in the neighborhood diners.

Chinese Music Lessons
Once a week, Anthony goes to Bryn Mawr to attend Chinese Music lessons for children betwen 18 adn 36 months. A young Chinese woman, sings Chinese nursery rhemes, dances and plays the violin with the children and their mothers/caregivers. There were 8 little children in this group and 7 of them were girls! Anthony reeally got into the scarf waving, the dancing and the drum tapping.

Boing! What was that noise? Going to the garage where the "boing" had come from, the Handyman discovered dangling wires from his overhead garage door... this was the third spring set to break in the past three months. Folks say, "When one side goes, replace them in pairs". These folks are right. With three spring broken ( about twenty years after the house was built) there's only one of the original springs remaining. The betting is, this last spring will not go another 12 months!

Anyway, the Handyman has become pretty expert at fixing these overhead doors. $12 Spring replacement kit from Home Depot and about an hours work and we're back in business.

Disney World
In mid-Novemeber, Rachel, David, Heidi, Anthony and Grandpa are planning a four day visit to Orlando Florida and Disney World. They'll be staying at the Sheraton Vistana Resort... a time share resort only a few minutes away from Disney World.

Anthony's only just two years old and too young to really appreciate all the theme park entertainment... but then again, it's a nice break for everyone and everyone will enjoy Anthony's company!

Autuum Leaves
Autuum in New England is full of color, wind and lots of leaves on the ground. It's a wonderful time of year to get outside and clean and clear the lawn and gardens. In Weston, the Handyman and his helpmate(aka Rachel) usually have to rake or blow the lawn at least four or five time each Autuum.

In early November, they are clearing out the flower beds and lowering the cutting height of the lawn mower in anticipation of the coming winter. The pool is closed and most of the patio furniture has been moved indoors for storage. Don't forget to turn off the outdoor water spickets and drain the pipes!