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  December 9, 2000 - Issue 63 - Philadelphia Edition
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Anthony's Verbal Skills

Grandpa Paul finds that Anthony's verbal skills are really on the rise. Over the years, Grandpa has found that if one can really speak a language when one has a meaningful conversattion over the telephone in a language that is not ones primary tongue, then he is doing quite well. Try and make reservations for a hotel room over the phone in France in French... if you can do it, then your French isn't all that bad.

Well, now when I ask Anthony what he is doing, his answers are unique. He's anxious to tell me about his new book or new toy. I have no idea what he is going to tell me, but it is always orignal and of course very interesting. Hense phone calls to Philadelphia are real treats. Give him a call yourself and see how he repsonds!

This past Sunday, we called and asked if he was playing with his toys. "Hi Grandma, I'm reading a book. An ABC Book", called Anthony over the phone line. Then he started to sing the alphabet perfectly and on tune and on key.

"Who taught you the alphabet?", asked Grandma.

"Mommy.", was his proud response.

Orlando Holiday

Just before Thanksgiving, David, Heidi and Anthony joined Grandpa and Grandma Rachel in Orlando for a 4 day vacation. Most of the visits to theme parks( Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Disney Downtown and Cypress Gardens) were centered around activities for Anthony. His favorites were the playgrounds at Curios George and The Bone Dig at Animal Kingdom.

Anthony at 2 years and 3 months is really a bit young to enjoy many of the rides and attractions. He insisted on driving the "race car" and the Indy 500 ride. Grandpa sat next to him to push the gas pedal(no way could Anthony reach the pedal) and Anthony handled the wheel. Actually, the streering wheel required much more strength and was not that easy for an adult... much less a two year old. Before the end of the ride, Anthony wanted out. We took him on the Safari Ride in Animal Kingdom, and before the end of the ride he said, "I want to go home". It was a bit scary!

But he really enjoyed the playgrounds and played for hours and hours. He climbed the rope netting and rode the tube slides over and over again. Next time, perhaps two years from now, we'll take him again. There's just so much to do and so little time!

On the Road Again...

Less than 48 hours after returning from the 4 day vacation in Orlando, Paul, Rachel and Ron packed up the station wagon and headed off to NYC where they would meet up with Kevin and then together, go on to Gladwyne, Pa. It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the most traveled day in the USA and traffic was expected to be very heavy. It turned out to be lucky that they left Boston early as the trip to NYC took only 4 1/4 hours... that's about normal.

After a quick take out lunch at the Golden Arches restaurant, the party was able to make the drive from NYC to Gladwyne in three hours... about an hour longer than normal. We expected Anthony to be napping so we all entered the house quietly.

"I want to see Grandma." said little Anthony as he flew into Grandpa's arms. It was nap time, but the little guy certainly had no intention of sleeping. However, after a bit of hoop-tee-doo, Anthony feel asleep at 5 pm. After about 2 hours, we thought he'd wake up for dinner and playtime. Guess what? He slept straight through the night and didn't wake up until 6 am the next morning. Boy, did Grandma ever want to feed him breakfast. Skipping dinner! Can you imagine that?


Have you visited Hershey Park? This park along with many other attractions in Hershey,Pa.,is home of the famous candy maker, Milton Hershey. Chocolate candy bars and chocolate kisses are his most famous products.

Grandma Rachel and Grandpa Paul decided on a day trip for themselves and little Anthony, so Hershey it was. Hershey is located about 80 miles west of Gladwyne along route 76 to exit 20. Then another 15 miles along route 322. It's a pretty and pleasant drive through the rolling hills of dairy farm country.

The first tour was that of the chocolate factory(a free guided tour with moving seats) which was educational and fun. At the end of the tour, each visitor got free fresh chocolate candy. What a treat! Anthony wanted his opened right away. Grandpa wanted him to wait until after lunch to have his candy. "Open now!", said Anthony clutching his candy bar. Anthony loves chocolate.

The party of three went on a trolley tour, a visit to Hershey Park Cafe for lunch and a visit to Hershey Park for kiddie rides. All were pleasant.

But the most interesting part of the visit was the story of Milton Hershey. He and his wife were born in Hershey,Pa., and were Menonites. They had no children and through the work at the chocolate factory, became on of the wealthiest folks in th USA. The started a school, built Hershey Park for the factory workers' families, but Hershey Medical Center, started and orphanage for boys, and many, many other good deeds for the town. Before Mr. Hershey died, he willed all of his wealth and the ownership of Hershey Chocolate to the Hershey Orpanage. The orphanage, the school and the hospital and many other institutions still thrive today. a half a century after his death and will go on at least another hundred years.

Alyson Weds Paul Mellett

On November 25th, Alyson Hui(daughter of Paul's sister, Deanna) and Paul Mallett were married in a small private ceremony at the Hudson River Club in lower Manhattan. With about 30 of the close relatives to witness the exchange of vows, the couple celebrated their wedding with a ceremony performed by Catholic Priest Father Henry, a cocktail hour and a delightful sit down lunch at the club.

The nephew of the groom, John was the ring bearer and the niece of the groom, Caroline was the flower girl. Alyson's good friend, Irene was the maid-of-honor and the groom's brother-in-law had the honor of being bestman.

Alyson's father, Tong Hui walked her down the aisle. Alson's mother,Deanna just had a really good time and smiled thoughtout the feastivities.

All of the Baus from the east coast drove up from Philadelphia to NYC to attend... these included, David, Heidi, Anthony, Ron, Kevin, Rachel and Paul.

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In other news
Heavy Lifting
Before heading for a 4 day vacation in Florida, Rachel and the Handyman wanted to clear off many of the leaves of Fall.It had been raining heavily for several days and as soon as it stopped for a few hours, the Handyman rolled out the blower and blew the driveway and lawn clean.

The with a rake, the Handyman started to build piles of leaves for under the trees in the flower beds. Piles and piles of heavy wet leaves.

He then used a big tarp and loaded the leaves onto the tarp. Each season, he'd load the tarp wth leaves and carry or drag them into the woods,where he would dump them and let nature decompose them.

Being in a rush to get some of the cleaning done before the Florida trip, he called Rachel for help. Together they raked and loaded the tarp. Uh oh! The tarp must have weighted 150 pounds or more with the wet leaves. Paul and Rachel could not lift it. Together they were barely able to drag it into the woods. After that experience, they decided to use smaller loads and make more trip. Boy, those wet leaves surely provide some heavy lifting.

At dinner, Paul told Heidi that he was going to buy fish on Monday for Anthony's lunch. Heidi asked if he would also pick up some diapers as she and David would shop at Costco the next weekend for a lower price, but we were about to stock out before then.

The next morning, Anthony awoke and as Grandpa was about to change his diaper, his mother walked into the bedroom and asked Anthony if he was going to shop with Grandpa at the grocery today. He answered in the affirmative. Then she asked him what Grandpa was going to buy at the Super Fresh.

"Grandpa buys diapers, mild and fish" answered the little guy who is just 2 years and 3 months old.

Why Anthony had remembered Grandpa's grocery list. Pretty incredible!!!