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Sometimes, you just wish for the olden days, right? Well, hopefully, today is one of those times-- we've got a backlog of news from Christmas! Enjoy!

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  February 14, 2000 - Issue 65 - Philadelphia Edition
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Who wants to be...

Anthony's verbal skills and reasoning skills are showing themselves through everyday. It's not difficult for Grandpa to pull a trick on the little guy and he has a great sense of humor about it. However, it is very difficult to play the same trick twice on him.

Often times, he'll play the reverse tick back on his grandfather. This really surprises his grandfather. If you are talking to him, he often concentrates, and it seems that he can't hear you. This is not the case. His hearing is perfect... that's been tested. Also, if you mention the magic word, like "jelly bean" he'll immediately break off what ever he is doing and turn around! Unfortunately, Anthony has a real sweet tooth. Fortunately, he also loves healthy food like vegetables and fruits.

He's always had his own independent mind... very independent. "I want a lolly pop, Grandpa.", says little Anthony

"No, Anthony, you've already had candy today... too much sugar", answers Grandpa.

"I want a lolly pop, Grandpa.",repeats little Anthony

"The answer is "No"", says Grandpa

"The answer is "Yes"", answers Anthony.

Where this little guy gets his reasoning and verbal skill, one will never know. He didn't get his lolly pop, but Grandpa got a big, big laugh.

Toy Overload

Christmas morning at the Baus in Philaephia centered around Anthony who was anxious to see what Santa had brought him the night before. Anthony and Mommy had placed a cookie and a glass of milk for Santa and indeed Santa had come and left presents for Anthony, just as expected. Presents? Presents? We should say so!

Anthony at 2 years and 4 months had more presents and toys than he had time to open and play with them. Before breakfast, Anthony with the help of Mommy and Daddy started to open some of the gifts. Jane Margaret had given him a cafe or dinning toys set, with chairs, table, coffee maker, cabinets, tables ware, dishes, etc. Margie and sent him a wonderful veggie tales story book. Auntie Marlene had got him a "play dough" factory... boy did he enjoy that one. By now it was approaching lunch time.

Daddy opened a big gift box from Mommy and Daddy. It was a tool box for Lego's. With the tools and special parts, one could build trucks, airplanes, and more. Lunch time! Better take a break. Less than half of Anthony's gifts had been unwrapped! Perhaps we ought to save some until he returned from his New Year's trip to Boston? Boy, talk about toy overload. This little guy got just too many toys.

Jingle Bells in Boston

Christmas Joy arrived on the bullet train from Philadelphia on Dec. 26th. Little Anthony came to visit, accompanied by Grandpa Paul. Three days later, his parents joined him for a New Years celebration with the Baus of Weston. Uncle Ryan Yeh, who was on break from his law school studies in Cleveland was also a guest.

Anthony was taken to the Childrens's Museum in Boston, the Imagination Shop in Natick, and just had a good time playing with his old and new toys at home. He's able to sing Christmas carols and entertain all who want to listen. The little guy can really carry a tune!

Tissue Phase

December, 2000 is what will be known as Anthony's "Tissue Phase". He uses tissue's to wipe his nose... all the time. If he cries, he ask for tissue... for his eyes. At meal time, he wants a napkin and tissue.

During a 24 hour period, he must be using 50 tissue's! And he does not even have a cold or runny nose. Hopefully, this phase will soon pass. Otherwise the enviromentalists should be concerned about the trees. Haw many trees does it take to produce a box of tissue?

Chain Saw Holiday

Just before the Christmas holiday, a huge rain and wind storm ripped into the Boston area. About a dozen towns in the area lost electric power due to downed power line... the Bau home in Weston was one of them. We were out of power for 14 hours. Fortunately, it was a very warm night, so we were just fine with candle lights and an extra blanket as we went to sleep.

The next morning, the Handyman surveyed his yard. It was filled with twigs and branches from the wind and rain storm. One very large branch had fallen in the garden, caused no damage, but was way to heavy too move. Out came the chain saw that the Handyman had purchased 4 months earlier at the Home Depot in King of Prussia. In fifteen minutes, he had the large branch chopped into ten moveable pieces. Without the chain saw, the job would have been impossible.

Then it took the Handyman another six hours to "police" the lawn and driveway. In January in Weston, you are allowed to burn(January through May), so at that time, all the bush will be disposed of. That chain saw surely came in handy-dandy!

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In other news
Ocean Harbor Rest.
Ocean Harbor in Phialdelphia's Chinadtown has become a regular eatery for Paul and little Anthony at lunch time. Anthony's favorite are the pan fried noodles and he loves the mixed vegetables with chicken.

The normal fare for lunch at the Ocean Harbor is Dim Sum. However, Anthony always eats better when you order the dishes he really likes... like mixed vegetables pan fired. He pick all the mushrooms, the bamboo shoots and the water chestnuts and gulp them down.

The Ocean Harbor is on Race Street and is highly recommended for a pleasant lunch at a reasonaable price. You can get a discount for the indoor parking at 12th and Race if you get your ticket stamped at the cashiers as you pay your bill.

Escalator Up!
Heidi and Grandpa took Anthony to Plymouth Meeting Mall to ride the carousel, a very pretty one with lights and music and galloping horses, swings, rocking chairs, spinning cups, etc. It cost $1.75 for a 3 minute ride and is a pretty good deal.

Anthony found some excalators near the water fountain on the opposite side of the mall. Up he went on the escalator, then down he came with a huge grin and smile. Then up again and down again, then up.... When asked what he liked better, the escalator or the carousel, Anthony answered,"the escalator". For sure, it was the escalator. Most of the things that Anthony enjoys the most are still "free".

Boston's Children's Museum
Boy oh boy, was this museum crowded over the Christmas holidays! And with good reason. Children really enjoy themselves here... children of all ages. Anthony who is 2, had a really great time on the second floor... the Smith childrens area for children under 3 years old was his favorite.

Some of the other play areas included: bubbles, water toys and navigation, race cars, a recycle shop, tools and workshop, a climbing area and much, much more.

Another hidden secret for those who live in Metro West is a store called "Imaginations" located in the Sherwood Plaza in Natick. For $7.50 per person, you can get a mini version of the play areas of the Children's Museum, but without the commute into Boston, the parking problems, or the crowds.

Shoo Fly Pie
Have you heard of or eaten Shoo Fly Pie? It's the staple of many a meal in the Pennsylvania Dutch country of Lancaster. Paul has started to explore this area in 2001 and is anxious to learn more about the Amish and Menonite people who work and live here. Lancaster is about 1 1/2 hours drive from Philadelphia so it makes for a nice day trip.

Kevin, Ryan and Paul had their first lunch at Klings Kitchen Kettle in Intercourse, Pa. The sandwiches and beef stew were just fine, but we had to top off our lunch with a Shoo Fly Pie, made of molasses and flour as primary ingredients. Kevin and Ryan found it too sweet and not atractive. Paul found the taste interesting and was delighted to have tried it for the first time. Shoo Fly, don't bother me....