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Dave had a lot of news this month, so this issue is all by him. It's the first time he's contributed for a while.

Thanks Dave! How about some photos?

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  July 29, 2001 - Issue 72 - Philadelphia Edition
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Expecting a New Arrival

"Anthony, are you going to have a new baby?" asked visitor Adam Bosworth of almost-three-year-old Anthony. "Yes," said Anthony.

"A baby sister or a baby brother?"

"A baby sister." A matter-of-fact.

"Ho! Anthony seems very well informed!" Indeed.

Heidi and David are busy getting their house ready for the new baby girl. We're cleaning up, rearranging furniture, and getting a new set of baby clothes. Get out the old crib! Find a stroller that can hold two!

Is the world ready for another little Bau? Ready or not, here she comes. She's expected to arrive sometime around August 5.

Crossgain Sold to BEA Systems

Read all about it in the Journal or in the Seattle PI: Crossgain has been sold to BEA Systems.

BEA Systems is the leader in the Java Application Server market: their hot WebLogic platform technology is the gold standard for enterprises who are building internal and external websites. "We're going to be doing something pretty interesting for BEA. It may turn out to be important project at a critical time," said David.

This acquisition brings David's 15-month adventure in a startup to a close. "It's not making me rich," said David, "but I certainly learned a thing or two." The sale of the company was at what David calls a fair price. "BEA is getting a good deal," he said.

Almost all of Crossgain's employees will be staying on with their new employer, BEA. The team will continue to work out of the Redmond office, and David will continue to telecommute from Philadelphia.

BFON #6 on Internet

The Bau Family News has been rated the #6 Family Website on the Internet by the pdom survey of the top 100 family websites.

"I have no idea how they picked us," said David. "We're not really in it for the ratings." The PDOM company sells personal domain names. "We don't use it - I don't really know what it is," said David.

"Maybe we should add a webcam and be #1," suggested David. "Maybe not," said Heidi.

Street Shoe

At the last minute, Dave and Heidi decided to upgrade their flooring to Basic Coatings' Street Shoe. The installation work will be done by Ardmore Floor Sanding.

"We did so much work to clear out the house," said David, "I want to put in the best finish because I never want to do it again."

The Street Shoe finish is a water-based floor finish designed for gymnasiums. "It should be almost indestructible in your house," said Ron Smith of Ardmore Flooring.

Ron has never meet Anthony.

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In other news
Dave Launches Sites
Dave has launched several websites in the last several months. Most of them are techie things, but they include:

Dabbler's Weblog, a site for Dave and his techie buddies to write and dabble in various technical subjects. Weblogs are an interesting phenomenon, and Dave has decided to give it a try. The weblog is mirrored on dabbler.org.

Notes by Dave is a website run from Dave's desk. It's a place for him to post on random subjects such as his Quick Search Deskbar. This website is also posted at davidbau.com.

Faster Searches
Be sure to install Dave's Quick Search Deskbar on your Windows desktops.

It gives you a little search box that you can use to launch searches even without a web browser running. It can also be used as little calculator, and it can be used for other search functions such as looking up people's phone numbers.

Dave is starting to spend his acquisition profits. You can tell he's rich - his first purchase was a transistor radio.

Actually, Dave bought himself a Radio Shack DX-398 so that he can play with shortwave. It's a nice little radio, and its reception for ordinary AM and FM is far better than anything Dave has seen before. Anybody know anything about shortwave antennas?

Open Pragmatism
Dave has written an article on open source that tries to get away from the dogma and capture what's practical.

Anthony is hooked on Kipper. Kipper, the dog with the slipper.

Kipper is a mild-mannered british TV cartoon dog that likes to go on picnics with his friends Tiger (a dog), Pig (a pig), and Arnold (another pig). The humor is very mild and kidlike, and Anthony giggles through the whole thing.

It's the first TV show that has ever captured Anthony's interest. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?