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  August 4, 1998 - Issue 8 - Philadelphia Edition
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Ron Celebrates 52nd

Ron's 52nd birthday was celebrated at a small dinner hosted by Paul and Rachel at one of his favorate restaurants, the Pillar House in Newton, Mass. Luckily, his cousins Myrna and Michael Chen from New Hampshire were in Boston and were able to join in the festivities.

Michael has to come to Boston regularly to work with his doctor following a shoulder operation he underwent a month back. The healing process is going much slower than Michael thought, so let's hope he gets a 100% recovery.

On the Job Training

In an effort to become more family friendly, the University of Pennsylvania Surgery Residency is now sending their expecting residents to nearby Children's Hospital for some prenatal education on child care. Subjects run the gamut of all ages from newborn to 18 years old in the 17-day crash course.

Classes run from 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning until 10:00 or 11:00 at night, with shorter hours on weekends. Although there are no formal meal times, participants may grab a bite during the day at the McDonald's in the lobby. For more information regarding parenting, contact anyone but a surgeon at the phone number of your choice.

Septic System Emptied

June gave Boston a record rainfall this year and several friends had their septic systems back up or overflow due to a combination of too much waste in the tank and too much water in the ground. Such disasters can cost $10,000 to $20,000 to repair and are not all that uncommon.

Paul the Handyman has his system pumped out every two(2) years which is conservative with so few people living in the Weston house. Readers of Bau Family On-line News are all city dwellers and none of you have septic systems. Oh well, someday this information may prove useful. Then again...

Romanoffs visit Tokyo

Think the Russian royal family is in Japan this week? No. Dr and Mrs Ely Romanoff of Wocester came to Boston this past Saturday to enjoy a visit with the Bau's of Weston at Rachel's favorate Boston luncheon buffet at the Tokyo Restaurant on Freshpond Parkway in Cambridge.

Dr. Romanoff is now 86 yrs and Louise Romanoff told me they've been married since before the USA entered WW II ! Dr.Romanoff was a deputy director of the NSF in Washington,D.C.for many years and a good friend of David Tyler, also a very close friend of the Bau family. Mrs Romanoff graduated from Brown University ( really Pembrook, as Brown did not admit women at the time) and did lots of biological research in Worcester.

Looks like the Bau's will be entertaining at the Tokyo for a couple of months more ... until Rachel needs a "new taste."

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In other news
Paul the Handyman tackles painting
The house certainly could use a coat of stain. Flood's CWF is what Paul the Handyman has used for years.... it's a petroleum based product that keeps the wood young and is easy to work with because it cleans up easily with water.

Booooom! Thunder and heavy rain. Wash away all the new stain from the house? No way Jose. The stain had enough hours to set and held. Don't worry, moving at the careful pace of Paul the Handyman, the house should be completely painted by the time school opens in September (1999).

If Kevin comes home, he can help Dad paint the house. Hmmm ... Dad wonders why Kevin hasn't shown up lately?

Five mice in Philadelphia Apartment!
In classic stowaway fashion, five white mice with long grey tails stashed themselves into a shipping box and made their way from Seattle to migrate all the way to Philadelphia.

This new breed of "IntelliMouse" prefers to scurry around office desks wreaking havoc on computer screens. They sport a new sleeker body than their ancestors as well as coming with their own scroll down wheel for entertainment. Will they multiply exponentially according to the dictates of their god?