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  August 11, 1998 - Issue 9 - Philadelphia Edition
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Baby Watch

In Philadelphia, we're counting down to August 22, our baby's due date. At Heidi's last checkup, her doctor estimated the baby at more than six pounds. "I haven't gained any weight in the last few weeks, but the baby is growing fast!" she said. To check on the baby's size, she had an ultrasound today. We captured little Anthony making a little frown in the picture below on the right.

David is getting ready, too. He has assembled a "hospital kit" that he will bring along when Heidi goes into labor. It has clothes, books to read, and cameras. He still has a few more items to pack: "Laurent says it's important to bring snacks to eat," he explains. And he is carrying a beeper that will be paged if Heidi goes into labor when they are apart.

Several relatives are also planning trips to town, so it will be a very busy few weeks for the new family. Heidi's mom is coming to Philadelphia August 20 to help out when the baby first arrives. "I hope the baby doesn't come too early," she says, "or too late!" She will be in town for about two weeks. Ryan will be coming to town earlier, on Saturday, and David's parents will be visiting later, on September 3.

Aches and Pains

Paul has been exercising daily... really 7 days a week. Each morning he walks 2 miles, and 3 to 4 times a week it's a workout at the gym. This month, he had a sore shoulder, a sore knee, and a painful lower left heel. The knee and the shoulder healed themselves but the heel pain persists. So, he called his PCP (primary care physician to you non-medical types) to get a referral to a podiatrist. Nope, she says, come in and see me!

Question: Is a podiatrist, DPM , a doctor of podiatry medicine an MD or not? Will some educated reader answer this question!

Rochester-Boston Connection

This past week, Rachel made first time telephone contact with a 1st Cousin from China (her father's eldest sister's daugther -- sorry, I don't know how to say this in Chinese) who is a retired eye doctor from China and in Rochester to help her daughter with the daughter's first baby. The daughter is married to Robert Wu (PhD in Chemistry or Chem Engr.) from China who works in Rochester.N.Y..

Plans are being made to get the 1st cousin and her husband to Boston for a meeting of the cousins. Rachel, like Paul, has dozens of cousins (some close and others distant) that she knows little about -- the old traditional Chinese families of our grandparents were very large and are now spread out over the globe.

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Baby books
Heidi and David have new baby bath books and board books that they think will be great fun for little Anthony. They are made of heavy cardboard and waterproof vinyl. "They are more like toys than books," says David, "he can read these himself."

They also got childrens books printed on ordinary paper, one with cartoon drawings of little people, and one with simple words and pictures. "We can put Anthony in our lap and read these with him," explains Heidi.