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  July 14, 1998 - Issue 5 - Philadelphia Edition
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A Retirement Party for Dad

A retirement party was held for Paul by some of his Boston friends this past Sunday (it was World Cup Chamionship Soccer Sunday in Paris). Hosts included the Bob Ho's, the Steve Tsai's, the C.T.Tang's, and the Jeff and Dora (Steve's sister). The location was the Tokyo Restaurant at Fresh Pond.

The Tokyo Restaurant is considered by many Japanese to be the best or most authentic of the Japanese restaurants in the New England area. We were impressed with our buffet lunch: smoked duckling, smoked salmon, sauteed jellyfish, almond junket, sweet taro root pudding, snow crab legs, and dozens of other great choices. All of our gourmets agreed that the selection was far superior to the Dim Sum buffetts one can find in any Boston area Chinese restaurant.

Price for an all you can eat Sunday buffet? $12.95/person is the weekend price. It is slightly less expensive during a weekday. Oh yes, we also had a private Japanese style room where we had sliding doors for privacy, tatami mats, and we sat and ate our meal on the floor(actually there was leg space under the table for Westerners - this saved us!)

So, David, Heidi, Kevin or other friends or relatives who want to try out the Tokyo Retaurant.... All you have to do is come to Boston and ask Mom to treat you. She loved it and would be happy to go back.

More Baby Stuff

Heidi and David are still shopping for baby stuff. (Related story: Baby Gear.) Heidi suggested, "we can put a crib in that space next to the bed."

So last weekend it was off to Babies R' Us, Baby Depot, and IKEA. They did their due diligence and shopped three stores. The bounty: a crib from IKEA and a glider from Babies R' Us. They also chose a crib mattress from Baby Depot that they will have to get next weekend.

A couple hours of allen wrenching and fabric buttoning after they got home, and the new stuff was assmebled and put in place. "Our bedroom is getting a lot more comfy now," said Heidi.

Paul the Handyman

A gutter leak started this week, back by the bathroom window facing the patio/pool. Probably just a clogged gutter. So Paul cleared them all - that ought to have done it - but he tested it to make certain.

After Paul the Handyman strung the garden hose up the ladder, he flushed the gutters and drain with water. Then: Drip. Drip. Drip. Hmmmm... No good. Hire a gutter repair service? Pay money when you have Paul the Handyman at home? No way!

So it was off to Home Depot for supplies and "gutter expert" free advice. Gutter sealant was the cure.

Two days after the sealant was carefully applied, it rained. The saga continues...

Raccoons Eat Flowers

While chatting on the phone and watching the pool and patio area, Dad spotted a very happy raccoon pulling down Mom's Black Eyed Susans and eating them one by one!

This would not do, not after all Rachel's hard work. So Hunter Paul (aka Elmer Fudd) has set a trap to capture that rascal (referring to the raccoon of course).

Fruit jams or jellies have been loaded on a paper plate and set in our trusty "Have-a-Heart" animal trap. This same trap captured a woodchuck this this past week in Sherborn. This reporter will report on our successful trapping (very optimistic) in an upcoming issue.

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In other news
Heidi wins sweepstakes
Ever won one of those contests? Heidi did last weekend. She got the big instant-win prize on a tear-open tag in her large McDonalds fries (yum). The prize: a poster of new new summer action movie, Armageddon.

She and David have not yet seen the movie - they probably won't see it in the theaters. But expect them to rent it on video. "It has Steve Buscemi," says Heidi. They became Buscemi fans after seeing Living in Oblivion.

And what of the poster? Although they need some decorations in their apartment, Armageddon won't be adorning their walls. They left the poster at the mall.

Bonsai beginning
Several years ago, Heidi gave David a Bonsai tree - a little flowering Serissa. But David managed to promptly kill it by leaving it to dry over vacation.

But now, David's going to give it another try (that is, at growing, not killing). They ordered four Bonsai seedlings - one Serissa, one mini lemon, one mini orange, and one mini pomegranate ($4 each). After they arrived by mail, David repotted them, and they're ready to go. They're only three inches tall.

What will be their fate?

Car noises - again
Our "trusty old Acura" is making funny noises again. (Related story.) This time, they're emanating from the right rear side.

Is another repair in our future?

Maybe if we close our eyes and wish real hard, the noise will go away.

Visitor feedback
More people are beginning to visit our site! We have had hits from Taiwan, Australia and Switzerland, as well as Microsoft, Ameritech, JP Morgan, Cornell, Rockwell, Netcom, AT+T, NLANR, Digital, AOL, Inktomi, ASCC and the "blue" domain. We can figure out who might be coming in from a few of the domains, but mostly, we don't know who is visiting.

Vladimir writes with news: he is graduating soon and will be going to Watson; many of David's other classmates will also be in labs in the Northeast.

Olga comments: "I can't see Heidi's tummy on any of the pictures - do you think you can put something up?" Okay, we'll add one soon.